A Multiple Outing Today

Today’s outing was not a hunt n gather.

Today was about Postal Matters and recycling.

Which, when I was a kid in the 1970s meant one was a hippie freak

the change occurred in the 1990s, and post 9/11

Green Buildings became the BOMA standard.

so, now, for the last decade, if you don’t recycle

you are an earth hating asshole

at the office and as a corporation

the resources are taken from the environment

and then transported and refined into things

which all eventually become garbage.

anyway. 2017 – today – May 4

First, I went to the Staples for a quick drop n copy 17 pages, 5 sets.

To do it myself, I had to use a credit card or a Staples copy card.

For the Staples employee, they are charging a $3.00 service fee, plus per page charge.

This was more hassle than it was worth

Customer Service now takes the form of over explaining procedure

and complaining about it, as if a customer with money is asking a favor. Favour actually, UK/Canadian English.

so, I just left and we – my Mom was with me, went to the library at Guildford Mall.

I walked towards the service counter, which was staffed with a young woman in a headscarf and another woman a bit older than me.

Between me and them, was a White Man standing in a jumping jack position of legs widest stance and his arms in the – seriously was only missing a cape – “Who wants to serve me?”

He said in an overloud voice too.

I stepped over his left leg and walked to the younger woman.

“Can you help me with photocopies, please?”

“Certainly,” she said, “Follow me.”

so I did. they also had a pay machine, coin or credit card.

I looked at her and said, “I have 17 pages, and I just need two copies. Is there anyway I can pay at the counter with my debit card?”

“Yes,” she nodded, “Let me get the copier key for an override.”

As she dropped it in the feeder, she pressed the copy number to 2.

I told her about the Staples and how strange customer service was, and I expressed my gratitude.

She giggles a little bit, flustered and there was a small smile.

She handed me the copies and took me to the counter; handing me off to the main counter.

I held up my debit card to the new clerk, and looked over my shoulder.

The Information Desk clerk was looking over her shoulder, so I smiled again and thanked her.

I turned to pay – telling that clerk she had a cute top. White with a cartoon print.

She smiled to and back to the parking lot, and down 120th to another strip mall, where the bank is. More documents and another copy.

then, back up 120th to Guildford Mall Proper to the plastic bag recycling community bin

Then, to the 108th Mall with the sub-postal counter in the Shopper’s Drug Mart.

I mailed my original set of 17 pages.

Then, Mom and I had fish n chips at this new place that I wanted to blog about

as being wayyyy better than the more known Al and Jans on 120ths

but I forgot to get their name on a card, although I think my Mom took a take out menu

they had an amazing sauce, cilantro plus so much more

anyway, that is for another blog.

Starting a Human Rights Complaint

Dear Shoppers Draft Letter


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