Post to the Office

I rarely write second drafts, but I did this time. The length was the same, but covered more information.

  1. Dear Minister of Transport: Marc Garneau – $10 registered mail
  2. Dear Marc Garneau, MP – post free to the House of Commons.


I took my Mom on the hunt and gather first – the Fresh St Market, formerly IGA, then, Fruiticana for produce, and No Frills for sales items – and a break at Tim Hortons, which has recently merged with the American Burger King HQ and while it hasn’t brought back the apostrophe to the name, Tim Horton’s image is back in the stores… avoiding taxes in the USA by moving North.. we have taxes in Canada too eh.

Then, it was the “Post Office”. it was actual a counter at the back of a small Shopper’s Drug Mart.

They had a sign above the mail slot that letters to Santa Claus are free to mail.

“MPs” too I thought as I dropped the number 10 envelope with the single page in the mail.

I rang the counter bell, once a clear tap and tone – and the clerk emerged.

It was $10.50 to sent the original registered.

The woman behind me had a freezer ziplop bag with an envelope letter and some pop tarts, “Phillipines” she said.

The clerk said she needed to see if food could be sent there in the mail.

I said “there’s no food value in poptarts.”

The sender smiled and said that it cost the same to send the package as it did a letter.

“It’s crazy,” I said, “I tired to send a box of toys to an orphanage in Kenya, but I had a problem paying $160 to mail $60 worth of toys to children in Africa made by children in Asia.”

she nodded sagely and giggle at the same time.

letter mailed twice, I met my Mom at the next door grocery store.

wondering if Shoppers will be selling medical marijuana soon…


O Canada, eh

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