Agoraphobic Diary – Apr 10, 2015

I went to Vancouver and bought a futon to sleep on. it took 2 stores. the first one had sales people and the latter had customer service.

Our Daily Elvis highlight today is the Hampton Roads concerts that formed the majority of the Elvis On Tour documentary.


Elvis That’s the Way it Is was about Elvis as the centre of a fandom – a behind the scenes look at Elvis through the eyes of his crazy fans – with a near 20 min focus on a British Fan club.

Vegas had been the hive of the jivester gangsters, Elvis was the first ever act to make money for the show – not being the lost leader to get bums into the casinos.

Elvis changed Vegas as much as Vegas changed Elvis – now, Vegas is a family vacation, museums, malls, shows and buffets with a bit o gambling on the slide.

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