Career paths: B.C. political leaders’ #firstsevenjobs – It was a simple tweet that set twitter ablaze. Alaskan songwriter Marian Call said she was writing a song about work when she decided to tweet out “What were your first 7 jobs”? The query quickly morphed into the trending hashtag #firstsevenjobs, which had everyone from Stephen Colbert to Arnold Schwarzenegger tweeting out their condensed resumes. We put the question to the leaders of B.C.’s three main political parties.
Career paths: B.C. political leaders’ #firstsevenjobs
Career paths: B.C. political leaders' #firstsevenjobs
Nina’s thoughts

it is safer for me to say that

I worked in adult video rental/distribution and sold vacuum cleaners door to door in my 20s

than admit to 13 years in 7 Federal Government Departments in my 30/40s…

my first jobs
Elementary School
– School Safety Patrol, 3rd to 7th grade.
– babysitting 6th through 12th grade.
– Vancouver Sun newspaper kid…
High School
-Farmer Worker, picking mushrooms for a Money’s Mushroom supplier.
-Customer Service, Video Rental Stores, Franchise and Adult.
-Sales, Brian’s Chimney and Windows
Post College
-Manager, Adult Video Rental Store
-General Manager, Adult Video Distribution Company
-Customer Service/Manager, Photocopy and Print Shop
In both of these last jobs, I was fired when the employers found out that I was a lesbian.
so despite being born in Canada, I lost all my rights when I was 23 years old.
In the news

As early as this autumn, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will apologize on behalf of all …

Liberal government considers apologizing to gay public servants fired …


Apr 9, 2016 – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau might also pardon gay men who were … The Liberal government is considering whether to officially apologize to …

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