Queer with Pflagish Parents

Both of my parents have attended a Pride Parade or other LGBTQmunity Event.
I came out in the 1990s, an era where coming out meant being kicked out.
The child and teenage homeless populations are as much throw aways as run aways from bad home situations. No one takes to the street as a lark until it’s college age adventuring or politicians posturing.
The most shocking thing for them was my being on the CBC evening news as part of the 1st year of Gwen Jacob Marches – and from that legal case, Toplessness in Canada has been legal for 15 years.
We’re not like the USA and their piss paranoia, the Poo Emoji is the Canadian thing, and everyone shits sitting or squatting down.
We had marriage equality over a decade ago and the majority of the 60 against and 40 for, flipped numbers the next year. increasing ever since, after all, all that happened was that more people got married and society added value to it.
I’ve watched queer shows or shows with queers with my parents.
My parents know my job/career history, so I will say that I am more comfortable sharing that I worked in a Pornographic Video store and became a General Manager of a Pornography Video Distribution company that sold to video stores that were sole owner shops because chain stores wouldn’t carry porn – back in the 1990s before the internet supporting images or videos as it does now in 2017, when porn has been spam for at least since 2015; whew; than that I worked for 13 years in 7 Federal Government Departments in Canada. British Columbia, Vancouver to be more exact.
But in all those years and over all that time, today, January 11, 2017:

This news story caused me to have to explain “Golden Shower” to my Mother.Imagine the talks people will have to have with their children.

if anyone thought the Blue Dress had to be explained to children, not.just.saying.eh?
Image result for monica, blue dress meme
Dear Bill Clinton – who would keep such a dress? Anyone who wanted to be believed.

any professional sex worker can tell you

the more puritanical in public

the more perverted in private

public power is offset with sexual submission

humiliation scenes especially


Russia might have a videotape of Trump’s prostitute golden shower, unsubstantiated report claims
Russia might have a videotape of Trump’s prostitute golden shower, unsubstantiated report claims
The More Powerful in Public, the more submissive in private

I am not at all surprised

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