Communicating across gender, about it

Socialize behaviors – socially trained and genetically reinforced via sexual selection

Humans, the 5th ape – does all of these behaviors depending on culture

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    So, about the same punishment women get for being raped.
 Gay Couple Arrested For Having Sex Face Up To 100 Lashings | Instinct
Testosterone makes men less likely to question their impulses: Sex hormone connected with greater reliance on gut instincts and less self-reflection
Testosterone makes men less likely to question their impulses: Sex hormone connected with greater reliance on gut instincts and less self-reflection
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    so we’re saying men are just dumb animals who can’t brain?

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    No, “we” aren’t saying that. You just said that. And if that makes you feel more secure, it’s okay with me, hon.
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    There is so much wrong with this study. Men already have testosterone in varying levels between individuals. Why not quantify that and test for differences in decision making? By just injecting men with an increased amount of testosterone you may be seeing nothing more than an effect of being jacked up on a hormone level that they were not previously accustomed to.
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    Dont assume that goung with gut instinct is a bad thing. Ok, maybe when it comes to math. Lol
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    The fact that certain chemicals do change whole classes of behaviors is not in dispute at all, what that looks like and how it manifests itself in the complex tapestry of relationships we see in biology is another matter. As an simple example, a dog in heat changes behaviors of males in profound ways, as well as that of the females. In humans, estrogen and progesterone in females and testosterone in males (and females) are powerful drivers of both physical and behavioral morphology and their effects depend on a lot of variables some of which are current and some of which are contingent on a string of events over time.

    I think you make a good point  about the potential flaws in the conclusions drawn in this study. It is far too complex to reduce into such simplistic terms of >inject more>see what happens>draw conclusions.

    As I understand the biological registration mechanisms for chemical signals like testosterone they are based on quantity and rate of change. A rapid rate of change could certainly generate behaviors that are not indicative of what a gradual change over time might generate, and that’s just one aspect of the overall climate. I do applaud the effort to begin the process of understanding the complex outcomes of the context of relationships going on. Simplistic reductionist assertions seem to be the bread and butter of first tier studies when largely uncharted waters are involved. My guess is we will begin to get a clearer picture over time.

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    the article is in meaning saying that, and means that you are not being driven by your brain, but your glands.
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    We are all driven more or less by the biological imperatives. We are not all reflective, and we do not all introspect. Some of us are and do. Well, to some degree.
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    I agree, however people do and can shift from being Godbots to Glandbots into being a person. I am concerned that these articles feed the “boys will be boys; men must be men” – which hardly does males any favors, as if alpha is the only kind, eh?
  • to skip to the funny part, I am a lesbian who had to leave a mostly heterosexual women’s organization because I wanted to give the Male membership group, not only a vote for the board, but a position on it.
  • as a species, we need to select for better properties than hunter/soldier if we are going to adapt to the coming climate shifts and moving into higher ground- but at least now, we can build more.
  • In an era, where the ERA has yet to pass and rapist parental rights on on the government of the day’s agenda: Dear US of Ammosexuals, you are doing rights wrong.

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    Scientific research clarifies reality. They help us understand how the world works and how we work. But they should not be used to justify our actions. In any case not directly…
    People are the herd organisms and are subject to group interactions, not just internal impulses. The ability to cooperate with others and to meet their requirements, have both biological (“nature”) and behavioral (“nurture”) components. And the dispute, about which is more important, will probably be unreasonable for a long time…
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    common little respect here
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     take your own advise and learn the difference between “respect” and “reverence”


Expelled for sex assault, young men are filing more lawsuits to clear their names
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    when women’s claims are actually heard, then let’s deal with this. the internet rule that comments about feminism prove the need of it, apply.

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First they broke the Supreme Court,
now they are burning the constitution,ended science, ended arts, repressing women, oppressing others,Apparently, We’ve Forget what we said Lest We Not.

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    that election is a retreat to not have to deal with the mess they made, the Always Righteous…


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    Theresa May has never achieved anything – she only became prime minister because the others got out of the contest and she’s done nothing since.
    No wonder she’s frit.
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    She is the Skirt the “Real Politicians” are hiding behind. – like when the USA forced NAFTA on Canada and the PC party went from Mulrooney to Kim Campbell.
  • Dear Conservative Women: why are you taking away a job from a man who could do it for more money?


Priebus Says Trump Considering Constitutional Amendment to Restrict Press Freedoms - The Ring of Fire Network

it’s like there’s a checklist or something, wait

The 14 Characteristics of Fascism, by Lawrence Britt, Spring 2003



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