An Outing – Jan 15 2017




Mom and I went for a walk at the Mall.

We tried to try out Burger King’s new breakfast, but the one at the mall didn’t have the items at all.

After a quick Safeway, we tried the Burger King at King George and 105 at the London Drugs mini mall.

They had the items, but it was after 11:oo am.

“The BK at the Mall didn’t have these and are you really going to be that arbitrary?”

The young millennial eye popped like bubble gum.

For me, it was the first time I managed  Bureau-drone voice, and it was far from my She Who Must Be Obeyed Voice.

Without a word, she turned, and mumbled “let me check.”


she was gone too long and I said to my Mom, let’s just go home – whatever we get at this juncture will be sneezers at best. (Sneezed on, spat in or otherwise tampered with)

Sure enough, an older woman returned with her.

I have done on rare occasions into this particular Burger King for over 25 years and this – 2017 – was the first time there was a hint of supervisor or a suggestion of a manager.

For fast food, which after Supersize Me and Jamie Oliver has a certain gag reflex response – but for when I do fast food, in terms of preference:

A&W  – grill fried

Wendys’ – grill fried

McDonalds aka Rotten Ronnies  – factory fried, frozen and microwaved at locations

Burger King – propane grill

Dairy Queen – propane grill



now, of all the locations of Burger King, this one in Surrey is extremely slow, rude and unco-ordinated.

so the appearance of someone behind the counter with managerial qualities was a bit of a surprise.

Before she could repeat the corporate policy, I reached over the counter and took my Mom’s coupon back and said “Never mind.”

I was already leaving the line up, with my back to her, when she started to explain what the clerk already referenced.

In Gen X fashion, “Whatever” I said and waited for my Mom to leave the door and thanking the in-coming customers for holding the door for my Mom.


Anyway, driving home, almost at the house and the light is green.

But I am turning left, so I pull into the intersection and wait for the car coming straight through


who for some unclear reason was slowing down and waving at me to go.


as if


I waited for him to complete his right of way before making my left turn.


All I need is some guy to set up an insurance claim and fake an accident.

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