Shoes: a perspective

I walked down a Vancouver BC city block with three different women passed a store front display of a pair of women’s shoe on a stereo turntable. 

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The first woman, a slender femme, shrieked “SHOES!” and pressed against the window, and I laughed because femmes are adorable.

The second woman, an overweight femme, moaned “shoes” and stepped towards but not against the window. I rolled my eyes because she should know better than to be a sucker for the pop culture, not seeing that pain of wishful separation on her face, the exile from femdom.

The third woman, a tomboy/geek, rolled her eyes and looked at me and groaned “shoes!”

to which I responded “Exactly.” we both laughed and continued onto the lunch.

Each of the women that I walked with were heterosexual and in marriage relationships with men.

Their different relationship to the product on offer is an interesting as my own different responses to the effectively same conversation.

There is a difference when you can walk into the store and actually buy the product on offer, knowing you can 1. afford it and 2. fit into it.

the constant messages we get of belonging or not to the mainstream or wear we fit in.. from grades to clothing sizes.


When I would walk by the same window with men, I’d shriek “Turntable” and we’d both look into the window.

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