The Humanosaur Problem

‘Fossil Fuels Have Lost.’ The Problem Is Trump Doesn’t Know It Yet.

#FossilFuels #ClimateChange #DonaldTrump

'Fossil Fuels Have Lost.' The Problem Is Trump Doesn't Know It Yet.
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    Drumpf is a “fifties guy” he will never get it. Like them slow hillbillies in texas. Texas is the windiest state. Not chicago. The amount of energy they can harvest from the wind is remarkable. Old fossils fuels is old dinosaurs thinking. Digging up the land to destroy and poison our rivers. Backwards ass thinking.

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    America: Beverly Hillbillies/Dallas – anyone remember Knots Landing, where the mechanic character is killed by Big Oil and Big Sugar was exposed for children being bored at school and acting like our species young?


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    Trump is wearing a 1950s morality cloak, but he is totally a 1984 kinda guy – Wall Street with Douglas/Sheen. and the Orwell one, all other Godbots love Ayn Rand.
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    praise the word and destroy said creation.. as if their creator god will be impressed.
Trump leaves tumult at home, will visit Middle East, Europe

Old Timey History

May 20, 1506…In Spain, Christopher Columbus died in poverty after a heart attack caused by reactive arthritis at about age 55, still believing that his journeys of exploration in the Americas had been along the east coast of Asia.

May 20, 1774…Britain’s Parliament passed the Coercive Acts, a/k/a the Intolerable Acts, to punish American colonists for their increasingly anti-British behavior.

May 20, 1861…During the American Civil War, the capital of the Confederacy was changed to Richmond, Virginia. Prior to that time, it had been Montgomery, Alabama.

May 20, 1862…U.S. President Abraham Lincoln signed the Homestead Act into law. Anyone 21 years of age or older who had never taken up arms against the government or was the head of a family could file an application to claim a portion of federal land at little or no cost.

May 20, 1902…Cuba gained its independence from the United States, which had administered the former colony of Spain following the Spanish-American War of 1898.
meanwhile, in Canada
Trudeau to ask Pope to apologize over residential schools


  • Joan Poh's profile photo
    About time too. Glad Trudeau have the gumption to bring this up.

    Nina Tryggvason's profile photo

    if only the churches were made to also pay the compensation, instead of them saying that the government failed to instruct/supervise… meanwhile they expect to be a moral leader eh
    Canadians need to replace backyards with balconies: In many neighbourhoods, apartments and condos are viewed as threats to be fought and appealed, not as new neighbours to be welcomed
    Canadians need to replace backyards with balconies
    Griffin Walker
    Why are you pushing the UN agenda ?Nina Tryggvason
    because Canada deserves a seat on the UN Security Council for actually making the world more secure through peace. talking to and interacting with neighbours, not being hunkered down in needless fear

    Are you unaware that Canada midwifed the League of Nations that the UN was a reformation of, with more nations having seats?

Parenting the President: How to raise your Baby-in-Chief
Parenting the President: How to raise your Baby-in-Chief: A report that security officials make a point of including Donald Trump’s name in ‘as many paragraphs as we can’ to keep his attention reveals the difficulty of managing an immature President
Parenting the President: How to raise your Baby-in-Chief
Image result for love canal disaster
May 20, 1980…In Niagara Falls, New York, 710 families in the 36-square block Love Canal section of the city were evacuated following the discovery of 21,000 tons of toxic waste buried beneath their neighborhood. The area had been used as a chemical dump site between 1942 and 1953 by the former owner of the land, Hooker Chemical Company (now Occidental Petroleum)
Love Canal - Wikipedia
May 20, 1873…Levi Strauss began marketing denim work pants (popularly known as blue jeans) that featured copper rivets, an invention of his business partner Jacob Davis.
Ford’s first all-electric vehicle will have ‘over 300 miles of range’, be affordable, and mass-produced, says CTO

Ford’s first all-electric vehicle will have ‘over 300 miles of range’, be affordable, and mass-produced, says CTO

The only all-electric cars that Ford currently sells are compliance cars built on existing gas-powered platforms. Earlier this year, the automaker announced that its first all-electric car built to be electric from the ground up will come out in 2020. Raj Nair, Ford’s Chief Technology Officer, now says that the vehicle will be mass-produced, hinting that it will not be a compliance car, and priced affordably.

Maybe they’ll call it the Model E-Ford?

May 20, 1899
In New York City, Jacob German became the first motorist arrested for speeding, driving in excess of the posted limit, 12 miles per hour.


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