Yay Me: Panic Attack Managed

Men really do not understand just how threatening they can be; especially when they are actually not trying to be. To give due credit and to be fair, eh.

Anyway, the incident detailed in the previous post:

I went to a grocery store and dealt with an aggressive charity; which happened to be Paramedics.

I advised the clerk that the experience was unpleasant and unexpected if they were keeping tabs on customer responses.

She vauged out that they really weren’t.

Her being just an employee, I wasn’t gonna bust her chops about it or grind salt or sand or whatever. Complaint noted and happy to move along.


So… I did some tai chi and some mediation and stretches. Journal wrote.

well, not so much journal as legal documentation, which is cross referenced to this public part of the online blog.

Anyway. Panic attack averted, energy diverted into moderate exercise. so Yay Me.


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