When Did Asshole Pride Become a Thing?

Bullying: if we stop it in schools; how will the children be prepared for the workplace?

Sexual Bullying At Schools Has to Stop Ten-year-old Hannah used to love going to school but now the Ontario fourth grader is too scared to return and her mother Nicola can’t blame her. On Monday, Hannah experienced the second of … Continue reading


  2 days ago, I was invited to a queer equality facebook office and joined an apologetics discussion.   I stated reality – that there were no Jewish Slaves in Egypt – we have the worker villages and payroll records … Continue reading

Talking to young people about bullying

My municipality had a contest for young filmmakers to make a short film about bullying. My roommate is 10 years old and she was sadly under the age limit for us to submit a video. the plan for the short … Continue reading

Why victims feel shame and abusers don’t

Abusers blame their victims shamelessly. Victims feel shame because there’s a perception/expectation that you are treated the way you deserve – that if you remain in a relationship (romantic, work, friends, family, any type)  that makes you feel bad; it’s … Continue reading

Dear Bullies: Harm Levels are not in your discretion

When you bully someone, you do not get to decide how hurt the victim is entitled to be. You do not know how bullied they were before or how someone can take it or handle it. You do not know, … Continue reading

The Bullies cry “Political Correctness”

Donald Trump complains he can’t be rude, in his boorish rude manner. meanwhile, in the real world: Niloy Neel becomes the fourth secularist blogger to have been killed this year by suspected Islamist militants in Bangladesh. All four men killed … Continue reading

The Scoundrel Defence Dismantled

1. I was just joking. Can’t you take a joke? Everyone else thought it was funny. 2. I was just saying what everyone else thinks. I am telling it like it is. 3. You are over-sensitive. meh… too ill to … Continue reading

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