Lifespan: It’s in the Teeth


Microbials: Bacteria, Viruses and Yeasts..Oh My Indeed!.

It is likely that multicelled life forms occurred when a virus and a bacteria merged.

Yeasts, Molds and slimes, fungus… there’s a species of fungus with over 36,000 genders..

Sugar, Salt, osmosifiers condensates, emulsifiers and purifiers, preservatives, moisture removers and taste intensifiers…hot or cold, room temperature or frozen…fermented, steeped, brewed, stewed, preparation and computation of sensations.

Nina and siriacha chili sauce

If mold will not grow, there is no nutrition to be had; it’s all been leeched out – acid washed, already eaten – smells like, looks like… taste…rancid, sour, funky, inky, loamy, wooden, oaken,

we evolvingsocial moviements wave

.Moldy Butter?? – Mothering Forums

Moldy butter from the fridge…? | Yahoo Answers


Our taste buds are more than sweet/sour, and savour/bitter – bittersweet, soursavoury, fat where tasting meets texture, mouth feel, hard, brittle, foreteeth front tongue sample and biting off to the deep chewing and mashing, the mechanical mastication, juices, blending and rendering it swallowable.

There is appearance and colours, visual appeals and sensory delights of smell that also inform taste –

Humans have all the teeth they are gonna get over their lifetime and this also gives us a sense of the importance of food and the stage of childhood, where mothers render adult food softer for babies and toddlers.



Our baby teeth all fall out and childhood is pretty much set around tooth loss and feeling bones move and shift, adults forget the aches of pains of puberty and growth spurt, it’s been so long that their heads have been up so high, they forget, the child view and experience – because yes, adult pains hurt more, but let’s be honest, whatever pain you feel is the worst you are feeling right now, because of the moment is of pain. Moments are fleeting and they pass.

Our baby born set of teeth fall out when our jaws get bigger and the next set of teeth erupt from their place in our skull and move through the gums and into place. These front teeth are important because this is the last set you get. The back chewing teeth have 1 more set.

Population to technologypopulation markers

Taste Sensualism: Sour and Fermented

Jamie Oliver28-08-12-pg-17a

Dairy: Why Cottage Cheese is Spam and Sour Cream is underrated

water and airbee-colony-collapse-disorder-illustration





The natives and the vikings are restless… Iceland is building a new pagan temple, building on their tourism expections following their return to traditional crafts and internet marking. Bjork was in a band called The Sugarcubes in the 1990s before she became a solo act and is now an environmental shield-maiden….Pagentry and Paganism.



not.just.saying, eh?




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