Raw Recovery Specialist: 2016-10-15

I went out this morning with my Mom, first to fill up the SUV’s tank and then to pick up the missing power cord for her sleep apena machine. A round trip of about an hour, traffic was fairly light and it was odd to see some of the business changes and construction of empty buildings.

Seriously – how do you get financing to build a tower without tenants and purpose build the space? whatever, eh.

Anyway, once home, I got my laundry done and even put away. It’s supposed to feel like an accomplishment according to those who write articles about depression, but clearly have never experienced it.

Okay.. this morning’s documentaries.

The Silver Pharaoh

Image result for the silver pharaoh

his tomb discovered at the start of World War 2, The European Theatre

Psusennes I  was one of Egypt’s longest reigning Pharaoh, ruling from the Delta of the Nile and shifting the lost fable city that Ramses built. He re-merged state/church.

Image result for the silver pharaoh

He had a facial deformity and it’s an interesting thing about how society both idealizes the elite and castigates those who fail to conform or border on disease and horror.

After all, for many years the idea that England’s King Richard III being made a hunchback by Shakespeare had to be him pandering to the current royalty and politics and theatre.

until, he was found during modern era re-construction to be under a car-park and indeed, did have a spinal deformity.

King Henry I – another king under another car park?

The GuardianJun 13, 2016
But it was Richard III who they found in a car park, not Henry I. Let me put this to … Do say: “Can all these kings stop getting buried in car parks?

Image result for king found in car park

Royalty likes to be of the succession to be rolled down avenue processions and parade to the public.

The Windsors of England and The Romanovs of Russia – 1910

Image result for the windsors 1910

The Forgotten Prince John – the Epileptic/Autistic Windsor who died in his teens.

Image result for King George V and familyImage result for King George V and family

The eldest son Edward, unsurprizing more relived when the youngest “defective” sibling died given his Nazi leanings expressing relief not actually shared by the family.

He briefly Kinged and then quit to marry a divorced American. Probably better for history that he did too.

Image result for King George V and family

Then the second youngest son, who stuttered and was left but made right handed – King George VI

Image result for King George VI and family

father of the current Queen Elizabeth the Second. not actually related to the Tudor Elizabeth the First, the Virgin Queen.

Image result for Queen Elizabeth 1 a man? Image result for Queen Elizabeth 1 a man?

Bard Archetypes: Shakespeare

Image result for Shakespeare vs Bacon

Shakey Speare name that Bard

Image result for Shakespeare vs Bacon

Wisdom from the Great Bard


Image result for Shakespeare conspiracy

Image result for Shakespeare vs thomas malory

O Canada? can we talk about the Governor-General



I also watched this Henry The 8th documentary:

Recap: “Inside the Body of Henry VIII” | the TUDOR TUTOR

January 26, 2011 at 1:24 pm · Filed under Henry VIII, Media … Henry VIII biographer, and Dr. Catherine Hood, medical doctor. …. In the virtual autopsy, we see just what kind of a number this diet did on Henry’s insides. There’s a thick …

Image result for Henry VIII & Elvis

Wolf Hall’s Damian Lewis: History has turned Henry VIII into Elvis …

http://www.mirror.co.uk › TV › TV News › Damian Lewis

Jan 31, 2015 – It’s no wonder we grow up believing Henry VIII left England and his six wives All Shook Up. Because Wolf Hall Damian Lewis thinks school …

Image result for Henry VIII & Elvis

From Elvis to ‘The Tudors’: TV performances that rule – USATODAY.com


Mar 28, 2007 – Henry VIII isn’t the only king on Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ resume; he portrayed musical monarch Elvis Presley in a 2005 CBS miniseries.

Image result for Henry VIII & Elvis
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