The Failed Viral House Stunt 2.0

My own Pay It Forward Grand Stunt beyond fizzled and failed. Scorched and Burnt. Smoking Crater dying embers.

On facebook there was a lesbian in Australia who wanted to Gift Someone Deserving a Home anywhere in the world and she was looking for the right recipient.

So, I threw my name into the pool of potential recipients. I was number #2.

The rules set out by The Gifter was unclear and the flame war erupted as people became furiously voting, pitting a sob story against my struggling resilience blurb – which was disturbing enough – surely there was going to be  a better….

then the people saying it was a hoax, and heaping scorn on the kind of people prostitute pain for gain…...humility humiliating humiliation lack of dignity dignity dignified no words no response….

horrified mortified petrified

I messaged The Gifter and tried to convince her that her idea was not the genuine impact she was seeking and I tried to shift her to doing Microloans across Africa and making an much bigger impact than an 1:1 15 mins of media for her to exploit in some manner, connected to her reason and ability to fund such a thing.

She was confused what I was saying, since she recognized my name as a potential recipient, so I told her that I was withdrawing – I was uncomfortable with the range of critique and the heaping of judgement that goes on when bullies sense victims.

Anyway, I also unfollowed her on facebook, to be very clear and I am not there now and ultimately, I never heard about an Aussie Lesbian giving away a house between 2013 and 2014.

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