ScienceWatch: PTSD

Pychotic Break with LEzzie Bruce

Shell Shocked became a thing during the industrialization of war in the 2 European wars of the last century called WW1 and WW2.

By the 1990s Gulf War theatre, it was Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Post 9/11, it was recognized for First Responders too – Fire and Police and unto other Professionals.

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PTSD Symptoms –‎

We Know What It Is Like To Live With Military PTSD. You are Not Alone!
not paranoia wehn there is paperwork

Not all PTSD is combat or military related, and civilian witnesses to these events also PTSD the public.

Anyone can experience something that causes trauma and repeated traumas and extended trauma compound.

Part of the PTSD is the loss of ideals and an existential crisis of place of self to the situation.

Tryggvason 2012 - 2013

Post Traumatic Stress – Help victims suffering from PTSD‎
Transcending lifts the burden.
Something that often helps people is volunteering or an artistic expression of some sort that helps one to sort.
This often works because most people are centred on themself and it can help to gain a community focus and connection.
which reminds me, when I went to the Brain Fair 2016 and talked to a Brain Doc who specialized in children, she had no idea about PTSD.. which, given that Canada had Bosnia Refugees in the 1990s, should have generated data that should be being applied to Syrian Refugee children now. (Clue: it’s not in public school) We need to ensure that “health care” is not just general doctor stuff, but also eyes and teeth and mental wellness.
Shifting addictions to health rather than criminal has helped to reduce crime and associated costs.. prevention and speedy corrections…
making a differenceNina and WHMIS Quick Guide
however, I am an over experienced volunteer, over educated and under employed
burnt out, rusted out and…part of it is society, experiencing it as we are told it is, rather than having an experience and being told it wasn’t that, it was something else and
Only the accused is given the assumption of innocence, while the victim is liar until vindicated.
I am bradly manninghoodie vs justice
Dear RCMP .. saying sorry doesn’t resolve anything if you don’t actually apply the laws of the workplace… saying sorry and doing nothing to prevent continued and further of the same… that’s just sorry and it doesn’t restore confidence or repair
especially with the Military also resisting dealing with the abuse of women
especially with the entire Federal Public Service under Bill C-51
strikeNina Angles
dear RCMP.. you are not the only one, eh.


Welcome to Public Service Appreciation Week

Enjoy your souvenir stress ball

Nina gagged on stress


N. Tryggvason v. Transport Canada, 2012 OHSTC 10

Citation: Nina Tryggvason v. Transport Canada, 2012 OHSTC 10. Date: 2012-03-29. Case No.: 2010-28. Rendered at: Ottawa Between: Nina Tryggvason …

Manager’s Handbook Canada Labour Code – Part II 13 / 13

Jun 10, 2013 – Offences under Part II of the Canada Labour Code (the Code) reflect a 1978 … on conviction on indictment, to a fine of not more than $1,000,000 or to …..

N. Tryggvason v. Transport Canada, 2012 OHSTC 10 · I.D. Tench v.
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