Crappy Outing Today

My Mom and I went to Guildford Mall; primarily for the community recycling bin.

I wanted to potentially spend money at three stores and drop into the Nespresso Member Boutique for a latte.

I went to the Sunrise Records to ask again about the Elvis Tupelo set releasing on July 28.

I got the same clerk, who blew me off with, their system doesn’t know, and I  just need to check back.

I told her that in the online era, store need to offer more security than that.

“Have a nice day” she smiled.

I walked out, not ever going to go back.

My Mom looked at me, and I said “She just Canadian told me F-off.”


My Mom nodded sagely and she with her walker and me moved to the EB Games.

Now, I had planned to only go to the Scott Road.. er 120th Street location because I liked the two clerks, very comfortable customer service.

I had a store credit that they put on the system and not the card.

I did find a game, a retro pac man, with dig dug and galaxa with a new dimensional pac man – seriously, could Mrs Pac have been included too?

But it turns out that the policy was gone around to do in store client service, so I could not access the credit. I put the game back and laughed it off with the clerk.

I told him that as a policy wonk, I understand the need for consist conduct – I assured him, the 2 clerks had done what they thought was a kindness, so I will just have to drop in there next therapy day. ratz, eh.

So, next, it was to The Bay – where they had a Canada weekend sale of 15% and I was considering a purchase.

They had the sale item, the extra did not apply to that brand. But, when I looked at it, it was not what I wanted. They had one that did meet my needs and was actually less money; but I didn’t want to compensate for the other two stores and make an emotional purchase. That was the regular price, in any event – a compact model for the original espresso pod line

Then, it was off to the actual Nesspresso for a beverage, flashing my Member tag.

There were three clerks and they were all 20 somethings.

We bantered a bit, and I shocked one when I shared a story about Surrey being the murder capital of Canada and Neo-Nazis roam the City Central Mall – and I had once been threatened there verbally that I “should be kicked to death.” I did a funny bit about Downtown Nimby vs Suburbs Snobbery, when I say “we bantered”

Upsetting, they are closing at Guildford on July 15 – and opening a big store in Metrotown in Burnaby.

When I bought my original machine, over a decade ago, it was $800 and Vancouver BC Canada had the only store in all of North America.

Exclusive is a sliding scale of Members Only when most anyone be a member.


Anyway, at this point – a nice sit down for a frothed coffee – and then brunch at the Pantry; before heading home.

Shoppers 2 and a List To Do

Dear Shoppers Draft Letter

Shoppers Drug Mart sucks

To Do Tomorrow – for reals

Yesterday I wrote a one page letter to Shopper’s Drug Mart and today I wrote the second page.

Tomorrow, the Hospital Report. Print the components.

day After: BC Human Rights Cover letter and combine with federal package.

ccing the relevant Colleges

after I mail those, back to the Bay for the european espresso nespresso to sit beside my second one, a North American style that does coffee and espresso. The machine 2 and the upcoming 3, less than my original machine – that I retired; never once having experienced buy’s remorse or regrets.

Legislation to Policy into Practice

Rights, when do we want them?

Today, A Kind Act Made Me Cry

TV Concept: In What Reality is that Customer Service?

Retail Trench Tales: Giving the Customer More than they want

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