2016, April 28 – 2016 – SryPlcMall

Dear readers, I just did a fun outing with my sister and niece to Surrey Place Mall, or rather Central City, with the SFU tower and the Translink hub.

So car ride, outing of 2 hours, had a wheat grass juice with pineapple chaser then a wonderful bento box at the food court and I bought books.

Successful outing, all within comfort zone parametres.

Marketing is Hype – Media Literacy is a choice

Which reminds me, I need to phone translink and complain about the Jehovah Witnesses and their cart/kiosk displays on  Public Property, where they are not permitted to be.

Advertising is strictly controlled and neither the RCMP, Translink Security and other staff have been willing to address the issue of religious appropriation of the public square.

Seriously, what a particularly insensitive time for them to be word of mouth marketing in the digital internet age, which in and of itself proves there’s no god. WiFi is the only invisible connect that actual works.

RIP: The Most Brilliant Marketing Mind Ever

Yes, we’ve heard, perhaps you need some meds and therapy to deal with delusions and imaginary friends who want you to kill other people for him, because it’s not enough he could this is on his own if he wanted. seriously clue reads zero in the mental health industry and everyone pretends that being religious is a mental disorder that prevents people from working and playing well together.

The Band Brand Marketing

Amazingly, while religion remains in the bronze age, the Motivational and Corporate Workshop is the modern update, at least they are selling a bad version of vauge science and woo, whereas religion, it’s the same old money for nothing and your altar boys for free routine.

Anyway, I was pleased to go to the Black Bond Bookstore.

Diva Down: The Marketing Gimmick and the Art of the Repackage

I picked up the Tolkien translation of Beowulf for my Dad and the Nearly Complete Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, all 5 books of the Trilogy, plus collected short stories and a forward by Richard Dawkins for myself.

Monkey Mindfullness is not being mindful

For my sister, I got her the collected Minute Manager, and some other Human Resources books

issues management

I recommend the One Minute Manager books – it is a very good way to teach how to work with employee through the youth needs mentoring to mid career needs direction toward your retirement and making them the manager after you. Employee retention and pushing work down to the lowest level, so that everyone has growth opportunities whatever their position.

BUT I had to buy the titles separately, a gift box set would have been nice, seriously,

Getting the Monkey off your Back

As a further recommendation to anyone interested in workplace communication books or setting up a small business and don’t want to hire more than you have to – just get a 360 view of a company from the manager side and understand what your expert and educated employees are telling you; I suggest to compliment the Minute Manager books with with the Guerrilla Marketing books and then a book of business forms and how to do a marketing plan..

TV Review: Black Books

Black bond could even create these special bundle packages if they were smart…any bookstore really.

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