A Raw Recovery Day vs An Agoraphobic Philosopher Day

Raw Recovery Specialist

I had an outing today, I drove my Mom and Paternal Aunt to a medical appointment, I was out of the house from 9:45 to noon thirtyish.

Primary Patient, Caregiver Patient, who comes first and who goes second.

I will blog more about that outing later today.


An Agoraphobic Day is one where I am at home and my inside/outside is about which side of the door I am on.

Which is the question I am working on now – if you trap the cat between the door and the screen door? is it both in and out that same time?


Anyway, I want to thank readers, yesterday was a new best day for this blog – 309 hits in a 24 hour period of a day unit.



I did manage 2 quick Elvis posts this morning and I normally have a wake up routine.

My 3 Elvis fan sites, my three fave webtoons and then News Aversion Therapy.





I have been building up to reading Dilbert again…documentaries are rarely funny.


Fatty Fatty 2 by 4, Can’t Get Through the Bathroom Door


Gamering: The Great Outdoors Indoors!


Career History: Door to Door Sales


Cultural Buildings and Codes


Health and Wellness Memes and Messages

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