Why Atheists Seem Rude

How polite do you have to be, to be socially acceptable, when the first part of the conversation is that you are a terrible person worthy of eternal pain?


War on Christmas Index added under ZA


Offense-Defence – every zero conversation is a yes/no eternal loop.

no bordershard vs soft sciencewater and air

Dear Godbots: what convinces you is not compelling to non-believers and other believers.

chris columbus quote on naive natives 017-Why-did-you-tell-me

Dear Godbots: the answer to what would make a religion tolerable is one that which:

  1. does not recruit – one must be born to, or chose to join on a basis other than under duress or poverty driven desperation.
  2. does not harm the common good with tax exempt status in the nations that they operate, or by having a CEO hoarding of not only the material, but the artistic wealth and mineral and gem wealth away from being accessible to all levels of the public – from academics to the general punters.
  3. does not harm the common good by lobbying governments to limit equality and application under the law.

math vs religionhumankind

There is zero religion that has compelling beliefs and there is no religion that has not caused harm to non-members or members.

Us vs Them cognitive dissonance

Religion is the greatest harm because it says “let me do your thinking for you.” so it is little wonder to me, why there is so much bad in the world, given the things that people forgive and ignore because it serves their personal purpose.


The Trivia of the Origins and myths are easy to trace from one to the other, they all just copy from each other, it’s a lot easier to sell a version of an existing product than a brand new one – although, Scientology, begun in the 1960s in America, has spread rapidly around the globe and the Flying Spagetti Monster went from an academic legal challenge into a rally and within a decade was operating as legal religion in America.

step 1 – Government recognition: Driver’s Licenses. Pointed points with legal barbs, that’s why Judge. It is not a silly thing – Quebec – where the Province planned a Zombie Public excersize to simulate a plague outbreak…..


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