Dear Healthy People: STFU

No one needs anyone to comment on their person. That is where the line is crossed where the right to have an opinion separates from the right to express it.

I don’t know when this idea arose that everyone has the absolute right to blurt out anything they want without consequences, free speech has never been limited to first speech. Consequences and a way of escalating. …………


There are enough CONSTANT reminders in society without Captain Obvious Being Oblivious.

It is not caring, or expressing concern – it’s being rude and intrusive, and enough people over enough times: offensive.

Now – being fat is something that impacts me, not you – healthwise.

Whereas, smoking impacts the environment and that being the case – others have a say in their own and to a degree shared public spaces.

Whether one is smoking tobacco or marijuana – consideration of the people space is shared with – step outside to inhale. Whatever the bylaws are from doorways – which really should be reinforced visually with different colour sidewalk. Like with bicycles and pedestrians.

manners are where the consideration is exchanged.


And, the hidden problem that needs to be disgust is food disorders and the too skinny.

But, not with blurting out – with support and permission to address, not intervention shock schlock – over and under eating is problematic – yo-yo dieting, binge and purge, but also simply not having access to balanced and nutritional food.

Health concerns are accomplished in supportive ways and focus on behaviours, bigotry and discrimination are the hit and running commentary, conversational pot shots, “teasing”, “just saying” and drive by yellings.


Evolution: Natural Selection is partly environmental catastrophism and a species ability to adapt from one niche into another – part that how that works is inside the population – sexual selection, wherein it is decided what is favorable or not, to whom and by whom for breeding purposes….

What I wonder is why did all the average to dumb kids get remedial and summer school to address their intellectual and self management shortfalls, while us overweight kids were forced to endure gym classes with the same performance standards as healthy kids, instead of being given activities to our health and fitness levels, which could have made exercise fun instead of painful torture.

It seems that the Former Boarding School Pecking Order culture remains and despite the brief era in the 1970s of feel good self esteem – participation matters than scoring than winning,it was playing at all.

Little has changed. the problem starts on the playground:

It means he likes you when he hits you

fatty fatty two by four

battling social units of groups of look alikes, gender, colour, culture, then disabled and last not matter what else matches, the fat kids.

and really, it’s not actually healthy to be overly concerned about how other people live their lives, I mean, what are you, religious or something?

‘Sexy’ android woman steals the show at Beijing’s World Robot Conference

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