Today was a Bad Day for Godbots

in American news: The Democrat Party nominates the first Women.

who will VEEP for Clinton 2.0?

The Republican Party had previously nommed women in the Vice-President – albeit without success. Fortunately.

Who will be Hillary Clinton’s vice-presidential pick? -

in Reality News, it’s very bad for Godbots.

HISTORIC DISCOVERY: Physicists ‘PROVE’ God DIDN’T create the Universe

HISTORIC DISCOVERY: Physicists 'PROVE' God DIDN'T create the Universe

the universe is such a dick joke – something egged  energy & matter convert


nothing somethingerlings poofsnsparks  aggregrated congeals conglomerates

spinning shifting density temperature gravitation state orbits ellipses and spheres with waists


Anyway, Biology was never the problem for religion – Anthropology did.

Religion is a mental illness, a conformity OCD phobic and there is a relationship with germphobia – more religions in the tropics than at the poles.

That possessive spark that turned women into chattle: reproduction

Now geology, astronomy and allllll the sciences are interdisiplanry because chaos is dynamic and fluidity is as particle to wave



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