A Not Able to Cope With Life Example

When the Elvis Prince from Another Planet Madison Square Garden set was released, I drove from my home in Surrey to the Mall in Langley, where at the HMV, they had some copies and I didn’t buy one because I could not justify spending $40 at that time, even though I just spent the time and gas to go there to buy that every item.

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I did make a video, because at that time, I feared going anywhere without being able to record if needed, or if I was able to speak, I struggle to be verbal with other people

because other people have become so unpredictable and unreliable.


A while back, the Elvis collector label Follow that Dream released Elvis A Boy From Tupelo; and my life was falling apart and I did not purchase the product, which sold out online. it was a 500 page book with three cds as all the Unboxing Product Porn revealed

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But, I expected Sony to eventually release that set to the public and they have now.

It actually has a recording not on the FTD version and the book is much smaller.

I had gone into the Sunrise Record shop, a chain which has been around since 1977 going by the store back and they are new to British Columbia, so are either a back east or American chain, started the year Elvis Presley died.

I asked to order it and was told by the clerk that their computer system didn’t work that way and she wrote a note and told me to “check back”.

I don’t want to check, I want to place an order and get the product I want, from a store which is supposedly selling these products, but I said nothing and I left the store.

I had gone back again, to try to order it again, closer to the July 28 2017 release date, and got the same clerk who blew me off with the “check back”, and at this, I became distressed and stood very still and said calmly that stores need to do better given online ordering.

She told me to “have a nice day” retail code for go fuck yourself. I worked retail and I know customers are rarely right, but always righteous; however, I was not being unreasonable and I have PTSD and years of experience of being treated poorly by music store clerks because of their anti-Elvis snobbery.

Anyway, I decided to complain to Guildford Mall about the store being unreliable, but yesterday, August 1, someone from that store called to tell me the box set was in, and didn’t I order one?


“I tried to order one.” I said and advised I would pick it up on August 2.


So, today, my Mom and I went to the store and that same clerk was there.

I saw that there was one on the new release shelf, so I picked that one up and handed it to my Mom and asked her to purchase it for me and I walked out of the store.


Inside, the clerk had seen me, and she asked my Mom if I was the Nina who ordered it and sold my mom the counter one and put one back on the display.

Outside, I went to stand near the next store, which was a cinnamon pastry counter.

There was also a kiosk with items and the young woman working it offered to explain the products to me.

“Lego knock off products are kinda obvious.” I blurted, and not wanting her to feel bad, told her that I used to work retail, and at least in the mall wasn’t door to door, and we commiserated a bit.

I moved to the other side of her kiosk and saw smaller size toy kits and that’s when my Mom handed me The Boy From Tupelo.

“Thanks,” I said, taking the package, “I couldn’t cope with that clerk and I am never going back in that store.”

The kiosk clerk was stunned and I smiled at her and then we did a mall walk and returned home.

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Review: Elvis Presley’s ‘A Boy From Tupelo’ – Rolling Stone

I opened the wrapper and flipped through the book, putting the sticker inside and then put the set back together put it away.

I watched part of the evening news later in the evening and after a tv commerical for the new Will & Grace tv show, the Global News reported on the new Canada Census about changing Canadian families, and in 2017, included adults living with their more adult parents.

2003 was marriage equality and queers were not counted and it’s 2017.

the more things change the more the stay the same, eh

Canada Census and Queers

Government: Census and Censorship

Governance of Public Data: Census Stats

the last expensive elvis book that I got:
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    Omg!!! Were did u get it?!



‘Elvis – One Night In Toronto April 1957’ book review


every time I have tried to order a new Elvis book


the Black Bond Book clerks explains what she would have to do and that it’s a high cost to me and then tells me to order online instead of supporting her store so she can have a job, which she clearly understands how to do part of, except actually doing it and making a sale.

I do not understand why people who understand their jobs, don’t seem to understand that there is a need to do their jobs, and not just for the customer, but so that are are jobs.


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