Recovery Check: Short Term Memory

Sleep is when our bodies and brain shift function, healing, memory management and emotional resolutions, dreaming solutions or imagination, representations of what’s going on deep inside us.

So, yesterday, I went out with my Mom.

She wanted to hunt n gather at 2 different grocery stores, one of which, we were unable to visit.

Going to Guildford Mall was my idea.

Yesterday’s rain plus Saturday meant the mall parking lot was chock a block, but we got a handicap space right at the WalMart Door.

I got my Mom’s walker from the back of the SUV, or people carrier as they call them in the UK.

We went into the Walmart and asked at the customer service if the elevator/escalator would take us into the Mall. The Walmart was a later addition to the original Mall footprint.

The woman behind the counter hesititated and said yes, we could go up, which would be in the upper parking lot and we would see the entrance to the mall across the lot.

My Mom thanked her and westarted to leave


“But,” she said and we were still facing her – “It would make more sense to go out the Walmart door and stay undercover because there’s a mall entrance that’s closer. And, it’s Raining.”


I smiled at her and almost laughed and thanked her in a tone of voice that warmed her face and there was a moment of what customer service should be – what they need, not want, eh.


Anyway, into the mall and no directory to find the David’s Tea – although there was a Teavana store right at that entrance.

The food court had a directory, and I got overwhelmed by the smells, sounds and flat mall lighting and hard floors. Cavernous HVACed Air.

I had a disappointing breakfast at the Bourbon Street Grill; the potatoes were cold and the blackened chicken too fatty – also the portion given was smaller than I expected from previous visits – but not an issue since I couldn’t finish what I had. The wave of nausea hit me, but I was able to breath through it.

We headed into the main portion of the mall and the Nespresso booth was next.

I showed my member fob and we got a latte each – hazelnut for my mom and caramel for me – the coffee has the oils and not with syrup.

I did tell the clerk that I had had a disappointing experience with the Nespresso customer service about getting my machine serviced.

I assured her that I was devotee, and said that 3 coffees a day is optimal for women for heart/stroke and also for preventing dementia.

I tried to be funny to the customer couple in line behind me, that coffee, cannabis and chocolate were the three best things on the planet.

They laughed in that nervous laugh and kinda backing away from a serial yakker weirdo.

Can’t say that I blame them.


Anyway, a sit down for most of the latte and when my Mom finished hers, we headed off into the Mall again – I was surprised to see the HMV still there.

The remaining inventory was in the front shelves and I didn’t expect to find anything.


a young male clerk asked if he could help me find anything.

“You have almost nothing, and I am not expecting to find anything.” I smiled at him. “Good hustle tho.”

He smiled back and wandered off.

I found the X-Files 6 episode dvd and went to the counter.

The female clerk rang it up and said “final sale”

“Yeah, the out of business, what’s if it’s scratched?” I asked. “I once had to open at the counter 4 boxes of a Gilmore Girl Season because the crappy package design, the centre broke and the discs fell and got scratched.”

that surprised her and she backtracked and said defects like that were returnable.

And, I should have opened it right there-but I didn’t.

I mentioned that X-files had filmed in Vancouver – she hadn’t known that.

Its; been off air for 14 years and she was not yet born and too young to watch such programs when they were on tv.

For some reason, that trivia impressed her.

So I rattled off a list of shows that filmed in Vancouver and Toronto.

it was an unfamiliar experience to have someone actually hanging on my every word


weirder to think that this is that kind of moment when people cross the line


forgetting that at work means being nice is not flirting

many people not understanding that there is such a line

anyway, I joked that it was more often a curse than not

then Mom and I went home.


short term memory test

written march 12, without re-reading the march 11 post.

The X Files series and 1st movie boxset

I forgot to add that the X-File case was broken and one of the discs slipped.

Nothing seems scratched and the DVD case is disappointingly designed on the cheap.

I think I will put the discs in envelopes and tuck them into the Complete Series Box set.



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