A Plus One Outing

Today I played chauffeur for my Aunt Olof — Mom and I took her for an errand, and then back to her Care Home, almost an hour.

Then brunch at the Prairie Cafe, 2 grocery store stops and home again, so out from 9:30 to 2:30 – that’s 5 hours. Traffic was good and I had a lot of eye contact and nod/smile greetings from a wide range of demographics.

At one Grocery Store, a woman with India ancestry was surprised when my Mom offered for her to skip ahead in line, since she only had 2 of the same 1 item.

She moved in front of me and she and I chatted. I joked that India was in the Commonwealth before Canada was a nation, and in fact, we are only 1 year younger than street lights.

I heard a few soft gasps and some chuckles and giggles from the 2 customer lines in hearing range.

I even made the Millennial Sikh male clerk smile when I was bagging and said to him, “It doesn’t matter how old you are, parents make you 12.”

not all jokes are mean or make any group the butt of them, and humor is one of those things that we all share but rarely do, eh.

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