Ordering Cake and Eating It Too

The Oregon Court of Appeals ruled against bakers who refused to make a cake for a lesbian couple’s wedding, upholding the fine against them.

The case involved Sweet Cakes by Melissa owners Aaron and Melissa Klein, who told lesbian couple Rachel Cryer and Laurel Bowman that they would not bake a cake for their wedding in 2013 because they are “abominations.”

Judge tells Christian bakers cake isn’t free speech, so pay the fine for discriminating




so why do Christians think that calling another person an “abomination” is at all socially acceptable civil conduct or at all reasonable?

why do people when they knee jerk defend rights, never seem to consider exactly what they are defending?

if a Queer Shop Owner refused service to a Christian with degrogatory and demeaning language, removing all dignity from their person

they are going to turn the other cheek, walk out and go somewhere else

and not the media and not the courts?

because it’s okay to be treated that way and treat others that way

LGBTQ2 are not demanding they have restricted rights and barriers to access services normally available to other people in the same society.

seriously: the golden rule, trickle down, piss on it

every individual needs to treat other individuals as another person with the same rights, privileges and responsibilities.

last century, there was a European Theatre of War over not being able to restrict rights of demographics, lest we forget.



Love Thy Neighbor is now a liberal concept I guess… You would think they would be showing more mercy, more forgiveness, more encouragement of commitment, devotion, and monogamy. The evangelicals are going the opposite way with this kind of discrimination and using their “religious freedom” as an excuse to humiliate and shame. They don’t follow their religion. Jesus never discriminated or rejected anyone. Thankful for fair judges right now…

Jesus never existed, and Christians would like a reputation for being kind, but the actions over history demonstrate they are genocidal. America’s already copied Europe’s Witch Hunts, so expect the Spanish Inquisition,


Truthfully I am sick of the liberal agenda that says I Must because you do… I am a Christian and I applaud these people for not compromising their beliefs. Wanna have a wedding-why is it OK to ruin someones business and cost taxpayers millions because you have a hissy fit that someone dared to say NO to you? This is not racism-thats a different issue and NOT ok. This is a religious stand which used to be understood in this country. Time was when two people had sex they didn’t feel the need to announce it to everybody. Interesting this women has disabled kids AND cancer but still has the money to file millions of dollars of lawsuits? Can’t get foodstamps? How about finding a partner who who has a j o b? Live your life-do what you want but leave me, my business, my kids, family and my money out of it!

Major problem with your rant that I’m going to point out here that you obviously just don’t understand: “This is not racism-thats a different issue and NOT ok.” That is what you said, and ok, this situation does not deal with racism. Here is the flaw in your argument, discrimination is discrimination, PERIOD. In the eyes of the LAW in the area this occurred, it does not matter if the discrimination was due to race, religion, sexuality, gender, age, etc., the bakers still broke the LAW, period, and you cannot deny this without blatantly lying.

Now, as far as the lawsuit goes, the couple most likely received legal assistance from one of the non-profit associations set up to combat discrimination, there are quite a few out there. And as for the $135,000, that was awarded to the lesbian couple because of the financial hardship this case has causes, as well as the harassment (the article mentions homophobic, misogynistic, and violent messages) from conservative individuals and likely hate-groups as well.

So, now that you’ve cut off your own legs, what are you going to try to stand on?

Sorry Caitlyn-I am still standing. The couple was Not awarded 135,00 as payment for hardship. It was a legal settlement. The bakers offered to supply the Lesbians with any cake-just not a wedding cake. This seems reasonable to me. They didn’t run them out of the store, refuse to help at all, ect. They just explained they were not comfortable with a wedding cake from their business. This couple could have simply gone elsewhere-to a LGBT business for example. I stand by what I said-go about your business in the lifestyle you choose. I am sick of having it shoved at me and being ridiculed because I do not believe as YOU do. If you want respect for your rights-it’s time you learned to respect other people as well. Get off my cloud I do not care.

You said: ” I am sick of having it shoved at me and being ridiculed because I do not believe as YOU do. If you want respect for your rights-it’s time you learned to respect other people as well.” You and the “conservatives” (to put it nicely) need to learn this lesson yourselves. And once again, you’ve proven the point that the people in the LGBTQ+ community have been trying to make for decades. (Oh, and we know you only care about yourself, that’s quite obvious.)

I have not sued anyone lately, Caitlyn. I have not demanded a business serve me-I have not bankrupted a family to prove a point-I have not sued anyone. What I do not care about is who is sleeping with who!!! Wanna be a gay man? Good. Get a job-find a partner-treat me decently and not with ridicule because I am straight! The LBGT community has no tolerence when they demand it themselves. That’s my gripe here. Don’t force me to bend over and accept you if you are not willing to do the same. Adult behavior.



Again, to quote you: ” I am sick of having it shoved at me and being ridiculed because I do not believe as YOU do. If you want respect for your rights-it’s time you learned to respect other people as well.” Well, sorry but the LGBTQ+ community has been asking for this for DECADES. I’m sorry that it pisses you off that the bakers in question BROKE THE MUNICIPAL LAW in choosing to discriminate. Again, something you need to realize that the LGBTQ+ community has been saying for decades is to use your own words: “Don’t force me to bend over and accept you if you are not willing to do the same.” We started saying this LONG before you ever joined the military. Grow up.

if you are straight, and not an ally, why are you on a queer news site?

certainly not leaving other people to live their lives

How is it American to prevent a person from shopping?

Adult behaviour is not calling another person an abomination.

Adult behaviour is recognizing others as Adults too.

and the tune would change if they were being denied services because of an atheist refusing service to religious people, or gays serving straights.

makes one wonder why the heteros are on a queer website oppressing us while demanding we consider them nice people and competent adults.

I am more than fine with heterosexual people coming on this website and discussing issues with us, I encourage them to do so, especially as the vast majority of heterosexual people are not only nice folks, but are actually supportive of the LGBT community and our rights. The problem comes when you get people coming onto this and other discussion forums who just want to try and cause anger, hostility, and even hate, just because they think “gay baiting”, to use some slang I heard from one of them recently, is fun. They’re unable to have a logical discussion, and resort to poor attempts at insults, getting angry with us when we discredit their poor excuses for arguments, and even try to threaten us. It’s really sad that these trolls are too stupid to do something useful.

My point is, be sure not to lump all heterosexual people into the same group as the trolls. I’m not saying you do, but remember that doing so will keep you from finding and conversing with a lot of good people out there. 🙂

I agree completely with you, I also encourage heterosexuals to hang out with LGBTQ2 people, knowing one knows one is the means by which social homophobia was shifted over the decades, without PFLAG – Parents and Friends of, there would not have been a queer rights movement. They are the only marching unit during parades that I clap and cheer for, and I attended a Pride Parade in Vancouver BC Canada in the early 1990s with both of my parents.

and at that decade, every other queer person that I had meet had been thrown out of their teenaged homes onto the street or banished as a young adult from their entire family

I question this particular hetero, who claims to be want to left alone by us and live away from us, going on line to queer sites to demand that we respect their oppression of us and consider them to be nice people,

every demographic has a spectrum of individuals.

a comment about one, appears as a generalization about their group; and stereotypes are not all negative, and they also exist for reasons, homo sapiens are primates, and we ape, mimic what’s in the environment. in issues of personhood, the easy way to determine if it’s a right or a wrong is in the diminishment of another person’s personhood.

challenging a poster’s cognitive dissonance and calling them on their hypocrisy, is the discourse


I agree with you as well. I just want to make sure we aren’t giving ammo to those hypocrites who will deliberately misconstrue what we say in order to further their attacks on us. Also, excellent points you’ve made.

Thank you for acknowledging the points.

Sadly, the idea of given them ammo… that assumes that we actually matter to their narrative, and we don’t.

they do not listen to us, they make up both sides of the debate so they win in their minds, why they demand we leave them alone as they invade the little queer space that exists.

they would genocide us while demanding we say they are loving overlords.

All too often true.

  • Avatar

    Besides, I would much rather talk with you

    than be talked at and down to by them

    or flame/frost wars with trolls.

    Dictators and Deities, so insecure

    that fallacy of authority clashing with fallacy of ancients

    divine rights, absolute rights, vs human rights

    and the environment that we, and all other living things

    exist in, and are entitled to, by virtue of that we do.

    and, in my best Kathy Griffin:

    Allegedly inalienable rights that are supposed to be self evident.

    and the environment that we, and all other living things

    exist in, and are entitled to, by virtue of that we do.

    delaying, denying and withhold them, is doing rights wrong.

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