Brain Fair 2016

I am unsure why the conference organizers did a mixed conference, blending grade and high school children with mostly Elderly Adults seeking more the free access to Medical Specialists than general hands on brain learning fun and not really a well balance of booth goodies.

I did score a stress squeezy brain ball on a keychain.

I also talked to 2 different Neurologists and there is little in the way of Medical for PTSD.

Having the confrontation with the RCMP at the Surrey Skytrain and then conflict with the coffee shop, was extremely stressful and it’s going to be a couple of days to calm down over the assertion stress and the conflict frustration. lack of resolution, tomorrow’s another day and other mindfullness jargon jumbo that means nothing but people take something out of telling you…

One of the conference volunteers did an exit interview and I told her that I was concerned that they had a chiropractor in a booth, given that that is not actual medical and causes strokes… it really put an odd spin on the conference, as did the Military Army Exercise Guy.

ah well, lunch at my fave Vancouver restaurant saved the day

Agoraphobic outing: Chong Qing


2016 Brain Health Fair – Tourism Vancouver…/14917/

The Brain Health Fair is a FREE , daylong event connecting hundreds of … April 15, 2016; Location: Vancouver Convention Centre West; Address: 1055 Canada …

Brain Health Fair — American Academy of Neurology › Home › Activities and Events

16 hours ago – Vancouver Convention Centre West Ballroom ABCD Vancouver, BC, Canada. Are you planning on attending the Brain Health Fair? Please …

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