Raw Recovery Specialist: News Aversion Therapy

One of the easiest stress reduction tips is to stop consuming news.

News is to get ratings to sell advertisements, just like every other program on it, which is why commercials are now embedded inside shows a la Product Placement.

Anyway – people’s perception of their danger in their region is taken by their news reporting combined with their particular demographic characteristics and weather they are a majority or minority in same.

The problem however of not reading news is that you then have nothing to talk about with new people or as neutral conversations or just being generally informed about the state of the world.

My Earthquake Fear has now exceeded my tornado fear….time to move to the prairies

Over the past 48 hours the whole of the West coast of the United States has moved on at least a 4.0 magnitude level or greater. Currently, another…  dutchsinse.com
  •  The big one is long overdue…
  •  what, you don’t follow what the geographers are saying, the whole part of the coast line is going to drop here soon into the ocean and we that are closest to the mountains are going to have beach front property
  •  I’d like to know exactly where the new coastline will be so I can buy some future waterfront property!
  •  About 4 million years ago the east shore of Kootenay Lake was ocean front property “)
  • Vancouver Island is on a different plate than the BC mainland and it is sub-ducting under.
  • what concerns me is the bc has no quakes. shich means there is a lock and pressure is building up. so expct something big like San Frans’ Candlesitcl parlk one that happened during that baseball palyoff and the berkely freeway dowble thing crash… I think it was 6.7… the Boxing Day one was a 7.3 and it made the earth wobble on it’s axis… that blew my mind.
  •  First off B.C. has earthquakes up north and the island is notorious. Fact: Vancouver Island lifts about an inch per year on it’s west (wet) coast and is tilting towards the mainland. (I lived there and experienced many over four years “)
Canadian federal scientists, backed by major public sector unions, are protesting in Ottawa and beyond on Tuesday against “the muzzling of… commondreams.org
A gunman is on the loose after an afternoon shooting outside Coquitlam Centre Mall today, say Mounties.
vancouversun.com|By Jeremy Deutsch
Yeah… that is diagonally one city away from me. I have shopped in that mall.

wonderful… like the human teenaged ones aren’t bad enough! eh?

A new gang has claimed Burnaby Lake as its ‘hood. Although a pair of Canada geese normally give birth to five or six young, Burnaby…  vancouversun.com|By Larry Pynn
lacking perspective – hyperbole – dramatic tension/irony
network scalability from Magnum Opus to Gags: Saleability
when you turn paranoia around to it’s most ridiculous level; you really get vivid social commentary;
life and art is metatastic, eh?
truth/beauty is all there is to know
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