Where has all the courtesy gone?

Today’s outing had an unfortunate incident.

After the dental appointment and lunch at the Denny’s…the incident occurred.

A delivery truck for the liquor store had blocked in an entire row of 4 of the parking spots.

One car even had a pair of people idling their car to run the air conditioning and entertainment devices instead of just rolling down the windows and waiting without the engine running and creating exhaust.

Anyway, I asked the Driver how long he expected to be and he gave one of those evasive “when I am done” responses.

I asked for a more specific time frame and he quoted me by-laws of loading zones.

Now, I was not interested in this circle jerk of a beside the point – I can trump your loading dock with Fire Lane Access Bylaws, so seriously, not going there.

My brain ran the various communication medication checklist processes, and I asked him to clarify in minutes.

At which point, he began screaming and threatening to go on a break.

Trying to de-escalate the situation, I said “You want to get into a screaming fight when you drive a truck that is a company billboard?”

He laughed at me and told me to go ahead and call. He was probably the owner operator, subcontracted to do a delivery to a Business that is licensed by Provincial Laws.

Now, this is the part that people really forget when they work for someone else at whatever level they work at. You are a representative of a company that is operating in the community.

Everyone is a customer of somewhere and it only works as long as people follow the same rules, legal and social.

connectedwisdom of the zen masters

I stood there and said nothing for a while.

He finished taking the fork-pallet lifter into the back of the truck and he strutted into the cab, dick waved and sexism spewed and his religious symbols complete in sync with his conduct and disregard of women.

Anyway, I cursed and muttered a while, and tried to let it go. I didn’t even bother to remember the name of the delivery truck. His employer would do nothing.

However, there is the matter of the Liquor Store Manager.

the Property Manager of the mall that includes a laundry, a medical office and very family oriented business that a wine and booze store is really not in character with, especially if this is the way that these Vice businesses operate their distribution system.

Prairie BitchCleiopatra

All that Driver had to say was, 3 mins to load the forklift and I will be moving right away, would have spared a 10 minute aggressive conflict.


Seems to me that a marijuna dispensary would be a better fit and a better neighbour, since they care about making a good impression.

something alcohol has no claim for.

Anyway, since I wasn’t a customer of the booze shop – Oh, I am not a teetottler or anti-alcohol – I am part of Gen Xof the Adult Children of Alcoholics Generation, it’s why we love the coffee in all it’s dark and milky foamy glory.

So, anyway, needless and wasteful conflict is why I am agoraphobic and I was able to not have a panic attack while some strange man was screaming at me in feeble excuses of “just doing my job” when really, do your fucking job with some fucking manners. You are supposed to be an adult capable of functioning

Nina and The Devil

and it is not hard to predict when you trap people’s cars in parking lots, they are not going to be happy about it and they have a right to be upset and it’s YOUR JOB to say sorry, will be as fast as I can.


not pull out your dick and use it as a pointer.

Because not everyone is helpless, if you know about who to call, and at what level.

Because not everyone wins by being bigger and louder. Posturing really.

ERT manualStop Sit Think

Because, I called the 1 manager – and they are not mythical – managers exist at many levels.

I called the manager of the Denny’s who’s parking spaces and customers are being bullied and abused by the delivery person of the booze store.

the 1 min manager and monkey

I actually used to work in that very strip mall on Scott Road – 120th the boundary of Surrey and Delta.

It used to be a Video Station and that space is now a Laundry Mat and a doctor’s office.

The Denny’s replaced The Pantry around the last year that the Video Station was still there, the single stores being squeezed out by Blockbuster video, another business gone bust.

And I told him about what sort of trouble the liquor store is causing, that I don’t expect to have a nice lunch with my Mom and then, be trapped in the parking lot and screamed at for asking how long should I expect to be inconvenienced.

so much for Canada and manners, eh?

Matt Groening Hell Collection 1Peg Brackn didn come to argue

So Truckers and Truck Driving Industry – you have proven that de-regulation was a mistake.

There are too many companies and not enough maintenance and too much crime being facilitated through Trucking, Shipping, Ports and Harbours – Financial, Real Estate and Legal too.

Matt Groening Hell Collection 2Peg Bracken 2 books

Servicing the public and benefiting from infrastructure means not conducting your business in contempt of said public that pays for your infrastructure to operate.

Nina and AlexanderJIBC communication toolbox

The Manager – Ravi – at Dennys took my concern very seriously and I felt grateful to be able to leave it in his hands and I also assured him that our meals were delicious – I had the Salsa eggs benny and my Mom their new sriracha burger and the service was lovely, it was just dreadful that that man chose to conflict the day.

but it feels very good to be able to actually resolve something in a way..

Christine Craft too old too ugly and not deferntial to menNina ERT manual

it’s .. I am not sure that there is a word for this feeling, but working through the concept

Mercy its the revolution and Im in my barhrobeCanadian War on Queers

not the German word for sadism – enjoying someone’s pain


unless it’s the nuance of enjoying someone’s hoisted own petard

but also knowing that you are part of the karmic backlash

a streak of social vigilante … I wonder  being part of the karmic backlash

Nina and Canadian War on QueersGrendel John Gardner

that weird butch twinge at being a damsel in distress, that heterosexual woman state of not being taken seriously by men at any level… but really, I got enough litigation and legislation, and the best feeling is not being helpless and effectively complaining by shifting your issue, representing someone else’s problem and allowing it to resolve as it will.

7 effective woo habitscathy

every action has many reactions and ripples. choices seem to be how to act in a situation one may expect or anticipate to encounter. social hierarchy of managers and managees, we are all on each other’s time, in this place.

RS691 Rolling Stone Gold Jerry

This is why picking on groups of people is not funny – it makes these situations worse because everyone thinks the worst of whatever representative of what they think they are looking at.

why every re-action is an over reaction, why people can’t communicate




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