Reacting in Relationship

words nuance meaning

in conversations context

frameworked by relationship


a chance meeting

spurts and fits





bridges burnt


The retired cop was an easy patient, who took his medicine without complaint. After an operation, the man went into a mental tailspin that his doctor realized had been…
Shouldn’t researchers examine societal and cultural variables that are making us depressed and suicidal?
Probably the only dog video on the Internet that will make you reflect on your own life. At its worst, depression can be a frightening, debiliFacebook Comments…
Look out, Nicole Richie is right behind you! Or she will be, once she and friend Paul Scheer go to spy school. No tying her up, holding her at knifepoint, or sneaky…

Science vs Religion: the core issue


The Guttmacher Institute is a nonprofit organization focused on sexual and reproductive health research, policy analysis and public education.|By Sneha Barot

women and clothing… what is this control freakishness?


Vancouver Women’s Field Hockey Association executive warning players could be ejected, fined…

religion watch – Canada edition


A Muslim graduation ceremony won’t be held at a community centre in Outremont Saturday evening…
Franco Anthony Ray's photo.
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