This is not a good day

the Agoraphobic outing went well enough, a chauffeur Mom on the hunt and gather.

the sky is deeply overcast, but we got home before the rain

which is large drops in rapid torrents

I was outside on the back porch and I slipped, landing full force on my right knee and right wrist


so natural, like people with migraines, take to the social net to share the minutia of a day


I had been working on a blog about demographics and representation – Nina Simone’s bio pic at issue, contrasted with Billie Holiday with Donna Summers, and the more recent Bessie Smith and Ma Rainey Speciality Channel Movies…. who gets a tv movie, a tv miniseries or a theatre release; very treated respectfully vs fictionally through plot arc and casting.


but more on those thoughts, when I can think them and stop pinging my wrist.

clue for headache and migraine sufferers, do not look into lights.

raw recovery specialist

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