Head Transplants

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    stunt science to see if we can. Again.
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    Yeah, I’m skeptical as well, but I agree, the patient is more or less out of alternate options as far as I know.
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    we need to focus on better health care, not this immortality quest for the few
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  • This procedure has more implications than simply a head transplant. It stretches the limits of what we can do for spinal damage as well.

    It may also give us valuable insight into how the brain and body interconnect and work in tandem. I’d say these things are worth learning about, to improve our ability to treat and help others.
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    All good points. This one is hard.
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    That is true, however, the benefits are limited compared to bigger health issues – and heroic measures to extend lives in the face of massive public health care crisis of access?
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    I agree, but this isn’t an all or nothing situation. Research continues in other areas, and the specificity of this kind of treatment doesn’t completely destroy it’s merits.

    I’d object if this was the only thing being researched, but I do believe that we need to be expanding our knowledge on a wide number of fronts in medicine, not just a narrow few.
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     also agree with what you just posted. the system needs to be balanced for current and future need – I just wonder given the challenges of organ donations, who is offering an entire body? the international medical tourism and exploitation of the poor for parts.
    I was shocked when China announced they were no longer using Falon Gong for their medical tourism industry – a sudden reversal of their denial – and they still use prisoners.
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    That concerns me, too.
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    ” I agree, but this isn’t an all or nothing situation. “
  • I am just enjoying your words, this is just such a rarity online, it really needed restating.

    here’s a funny kinda ha-ha thought, I wonder if the lack of pressure for penis re-attachments for men is a reluctance to have female to male procedures on part with the male to female.
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    I’m not sure, seems like a desire for more money/recognition would win out over vague patriarchal fears.
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    Recognition can go wrong as easily as it can go right.
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    all I care is it’s science, free of politics, religion and capitalism.
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    Sadly the world seems intent on constantly using those three to inhibit science.And, Richard Lucas's profile photoOh definitely, I’m just optimistic that the perks of improving male penis reattachment would outweight the perks of placating a bunch of insecure blowhards who want to gatekeep transition surgery from women.

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    I don’t even think the politics are necessary. I’d like everyone to be able to have all their bits back, too.
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    Richard Lucas's profile photo and  Scott Guertin's profile photoI am not trans, but an ally/supporter; it’s just striking to me that those who want out and those who want in, are medically at different levels.
    I’d rather we not spend so much effort money on time on taking people’s bits and blowing them apart, or full of holes.
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     I think there are some major structural challenges in F2M surgery, as the penis has more superficial moving parts, where as M2F surgery can get away with being a superficial facsimile without the complex moving parts.
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    yes, I think to so, I mean MtF is turning it inside out and tucking inside. not actually removed, but relocated. chest implants and hormones, but for FtM… chest reduction & hormones and not much more…
  • I wonder if it makes more sense to switch head with people who want to trade bodies.


Especially given the conditions needed for transplantable internal organs, make that level of harvest difficult – I understand the head wanting to move, but where is the incentive for someone else’s body?

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  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    I wonder if it makes more sense to switch head with people who want to trade bodies. Especially given the conditions needed for transplantable internal organs, make that level of harvest difficult – I understand the head wanting to move, but where is the incentive for someone else’s body?
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    An interesting idea, but I suspect that in the near term, this sort of operation will be regarded as life-or-death last resort.
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    well, to be successful does depend on the materials, so when what they do fails, they can’t know if it was the technique – this is a step between surgery and autopsies this way. and experimental research the other; which requires volunteers and maybe a brain swap first, instead of a severed head with too many other connections
given that the 1970s Hitchcock documentary about the holocaust in WW2 did not become public until like 2015…
what’s horrifying is thats again and again and again


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One Response to Head Transplants

  1. dykewriter says:

    Nina Tryggvason

    +Jimmy Mack the ethics of taking advantage of desperate people for one. the lack of true experimental value by working with healthy as possible head and body – and a working proof of concept that it’s possible in humans with a brain transplant without all the added blood vessels of the body that supports the scheduling organ; human brains being really three organs merged into one.

    Jimmy Mack
    I agree. I was being sarcastic. There’s no way we could, in this lifetime, ever fathom a brain transplant. We’re only scratching at the surface of neuroscience as it is. Hearts, kidneys, even a liver. That’s one thing. But like you said. Totally unethical at this early stage of the game. The most or least that will happen, is we’ll probably end up with a patient in vegetative state. Thats if the person makes it to begin with

    Nina Tryggvason
    +Jimmy Mack thank you, it’s difficult to tell, eh. I mean think about Henriette Lacks and the cancer industry that has literally grown from her!


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