Phobic in Public: Pattullo Bridge and More, eh!

Today, I drove over the Pattullo Bridge to drop The Parents at Royal Columbian for out-patient training both directions. Then again both ways picking them up at the end of the session at mid-day.

I decided to “treat” myself to a Sausage McMuffin – no egg – at McDonald’s.

The morning pitstop run found the drive thru too busy, so I parked and walked in.

I dislike this particular King George at 102nd, but didn’t want to drive further than I had to.

I walked into and was fourth in line, I wasn’t worried, there had been 7 vehicles in the 2 order rows that merged into one pay and pick up window line.

The White Woman in front of me asked an older White Man if it was “welfare wednesday.”

In my head, I walked back to the car and just went home.

The idiot snob pair chatted longer; during which, She also complained about having a new cold.

I wanted to back up a step, but there was a line behind me now, three deep.

The man left.

She glanced at me and complained about “big companies” and that only one person working.


Every person behind that counter was doing their job by my eye. They were doing the drive thru as priority.

Anyway, given her cold and stupidity, I didn’t want her to get anything on me.

I left and just walked out to the vehicle and I went through the drive through.

The oversized penis compensator white pick up truck with the extra wheel on the back that makes the trucks look fat had dual exhaust. Oversized to musical instrument size and belching exhaust fumes, white and pale blue. burning oil.

I hung back from him as far as I could; I couldn’t leave the line, there was an RCMP cruiser behind me – and a car that was expecting me to move ahead.

When I got to the pay window, the clerk and I commented about the truck, seriously, bring back air car BC government.

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