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Why clichés are true

Prime Ministers vs Emotion: #CryingIsManlyAF

Moments of meaning

The Deplorables Math is basic

Keep getting LGBTQ News
Facebook is showing fewer news stories now.  Do you want to keep up-to-date?

this is the most feel good of all possible feel goodest stories of today

karma in action, schadenfreude, uppances tend to come, eh.

I don’t know, the news about Alex “trans chaser” Jones is pretty funny.

I am not even on facebook, but I just had to re-subscribe to this news site that I access through google directly; because of the politics of this #*)$#&$ twinkie Milo who can’t understand he’s not cute and pretty enough to get away with that bigoted shit, and just because he’s getting some, does not mean he’s any better than those INCEL guys, or anyone who thinks they are entitled to murder and rape any person, or that they get to define or decide the identity or value of anyone, eh? Nina, the Canadian Gen X Dyke.

Somebody push that bitch off the nearest bridge.

oh, no, let him really have the last 5 of his 15 minutes of fame. the walk out of the spotlight before the big hook from the side, exit stage left or right.

I wonder if he would like some cheese with his whine?

I got the world’s smallest violin, he’s finally been served by his own base.

Gay Latino Trump supporter brandishes knife at Kathy Griffin show. Says he’s the victim.

“You should have the right to go express yourself at a concert, as
long as you do so peacefully and politely,” Mercer said. “Hopefully the
police will give us an opportunity to tell our side of the story.” Pacheco added that it’s the “white middle-aged people” without knives who are being presented as the victims of the incident, while he is being “demonized.

No. the purpose of a concert is the concert, there is no right to express yourself with a knife, nor to disrupt other people’s enjoyment of, nor threaten their safety.

a right to share the public square does not require anyone to listen.

Who goes to a concert to “express” themselves politically?

Extreme kooks of both kinds.

but only one side is confused that free speech is limited to verbal words and does not include knives, guns, other weapons or weapon blueprints for 3d printers ,eh.

No matter which extreme one is on – they vilify and criticize the opposite side. I ignore it.

I guess that is why these things don’t pass

Lest We Forget

Unfortunately it seems to have become our (hateful) national passtime. Unlike spectator sports – everyone can participate in it instead of just cheering for one side.

If you actually read the article you will see that he admits to go into the event specifically to provoke political conversation ergo it was he who instigated trouble.

sad for him, knives are not free speech

nor are guns nor blueprints thereof, eh

it’s funny, when I saw Kathy Griffin in Canada,

I almost heckled her, well, interrupt more like

she was making fun of a news caster over how she pronounced the name of the child as “kill ee” instead of Caylee (that Florida Anthony mother murder case)

on the day the child’s body was found

and apparently Griffin hadn’t checked the news before her shows.

but I didn’t want to throw her off the routine or upset the canadian audience or start anything, I just wanted to see a comedy show and there needed to be more comedy content

Look! As much as I uphold Kathy Griffin’s “right” to do what she did – even as a terrified opponent of Trump (who I voted for), I hold her personably responsible for that (“Freedom of speech” be damned – there are moral limits) – just like those exceeded by Danish cartoonists. Persons of conscience know what that limit is, and anyone that ventures beyond it – richly deserves whatever negative consequences accrue. In my opibion – Kathy Griffith should not be allowed to board any commercial airline flight. (And I am HIGHLY criical that a “No Fly” list exists.)

you don’t understand that no fly lists exist?

Kathy Griffith is a talk show host and comedian Kathy Griffin has not crimed and does not merit having her freedom of movement limited in any manner.

Blasphemy is duty where not punishable by death

#JeSuisCharlie #FreeRaif #IdleNoMore


The Christian right is worried that the gays are ruining the musical ‘Oklahoma!’

dear christians

the only thing that ruins the theatre and arts

is you

Religion hasn’t gotten the message to get out of the way. They are blocking progress.

they know, it is their own uppance they delay

the Vatican said sorry to John Lennon of The Beatles before Galileo

and they’ve had a big telescope for a long time

with far too much representation without taxation, eh.

Pope Francis tells parents not to reject gay kids, but send them to therapy to ‘see how things are’

Dear Pope

First, Apologize for the mass graves at Residential Schools in Canada, eh

then, stop saying LGBTQ are okay in one speech and need therapy in the next

stop saying women who have abortions are worse than pedophile priests

no more representation without taxation or pretending to be charity, with no financial public disclosure.


Therapy is a good idea for many kids – even in the most LGBT accepting families and communities, LGBT kids nonetheless suffer from disproportionately high rates of mental illness. Best to get ahead of it, just in case.

no, the children need better adult role models

we can’t expect them to behave any better than what they see

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