An Unfortunate Outing

Snow covered everything this morning.

I took my Mom to the Grocery Store with the Pharmacy and some flyer shopping while we waited.

It was good at the start, and none of the things that I anticipated that might happen if I encountered this or that specific person happened.

They had only 1 person working the check out.

There was an old man ahead of us and an almost as old man behind us.

I wasn’t paying attention, but my Mom started some casual conversation where the older white man said that he lived up in the more northern part of BC where all the teller stands have tellers.

The Boomerish guy in line spoke loudly over top of me about that norther community, saying he owned the property on the left where the pavement ends on some road. Beside the SomeLastName Family.

“I guess if one pushes hard enough Canadians do all know each other,” I joked.


A second teller came over and put her hand on my Mom’s cart and said she’d start a new line.


the White Guy from behind followed us to the new till and he picked up the current issue of Time Magazine.

Image result for time trump cover

He actually whined that Trump was being treated unfairly and that Obama had not been this disrespected and that America was going to have a shooting war.

I did not even attempt to prevent the revulsion from my facial expression or tone of voice.

“North American Conservatives are the problem, not the solution.”


“North American Conservatives” he sputtered, “That’s Canada!”


“No. It’s not.” I intoned and then firmly said “You need to go away now.”

He turned his back to me and I heard him say fuck off as he slunked away.


I bagged my Mom’s items and we returned home. As online, so in person, eh.


Sanctuary cities can’t run on goodwill alone
Sanctuary cities can’t run on goodwill alone: City councils must have a concrete plan of implementation and allocate adequate resources
Sanctuary cities can’t run on goodwill alone
  • Griffin Walker's profile photo
    Defund all sanctuary cities..Why should Canada take refugee’s from violent countries in the south and put Canadian citizen’s at risk ? Settle them in the southern have seen what is happening in the EU… Do you want it to happen here ?? Is that your plan ? Because if it is we want the right to protect ourselves..
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
     the indigenous say the same about the euroquatters
  • Griffin Walker's profile photo
    No..they thank you for the 3000/month and no taxes and self determination..
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    I can’t believe that you admit you actually think that. I am gobsmacked.
    Apartheid was made in Canada; the reservations are the 3rd world conditions in Canada. That self determination ends at the edge of the rez, but they are the key to saving the environment. Aboriginal Title is invoked by #IdleNoMore eh.
  • Photo
  • Part of the point of harassment by security, whether you are a vocal human rights advocate, a potential racial undesirable, or a teenager at the mall is the chilling effect of making entire categories of people feel unwelcome and threatened by making examples of these categories miserable to the fullest extent of their capabilities, thus making the rest herdable — the same psychological principles behind lynching. Articles like this spread the fear but do not spread the cure.

    Open your eyes and look at the next gun-carrying, armor-wearing badge-on-legs you see on duty. They’ve been told that you’re sheep, and they’re sheepdogs, and they are the vigilant kick-ass line of defense between you and the wolves among you. And the ones who buy it, you can smell the dog coming off them in waves.

    They’ve been told that in order for them to do their jobs, you have to bleat and run away from a crisis so they can make a clean kill of whoever they imagine the wolf to be today. If you do not bleat and scurry, then they will bark and nip in unchecked frustration — and the occasional sheep-killin’ dog will take you down and then lie to his buddies about you having been a wolf, because they still look down pretty fiercely on sheep-killin’ dogs around here. For now.

    And they love articles like this, because it looks like bleating.

    The cure is to not be a sheep. Be a human being. If you know how to calm down a nervous dog, do exactly those things — because while they are wearing the shamanic dog mask, they will be susceptible to those encouragements and cajoleries they crave from their masters. And if you can talk them out of their masks, do that too.

    Their masters have transformed them into animals so that they can control them, and there is no hope for the situation if they see you as animals as well. You must be human, one of their class of masters, and then you must break the spell they are under.

    Aggressive Interrogation of Artists and Writers at U.S. Border – PEN America
    Aggressive Interrogation of Artists and Writers at U.S. Border - PEN America
    • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo

      women, sexual minorities. science and arts

      history textbook 101


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