Rape Culture 201

One university student says she’s concerned by the message sent by Marie Henein’s aggressive treatment of the women who had accused Jian Ghomeshi of sexual misconduct, and she wanted Henein’s speech cancelled.
The prominent Toronto defence lawyer, Marie Henein, is scheduled to speak at Bishops University in Sherbrooke, Que., as part of a lecture series, with the presentation live-streamed to other universities.
she should explain to women how to make their cases…
Don’t get it. The trial went to court, it was proven / admitted in court that the women were either OKAY with the treatment afterwards (since they had told people about it and texted Jian formally the day after) so why is the woman the ‘forever victim ‘ here?
(this poster then tags another male to join in)

the trial was about him, not them, and if they had been okay with what he did, then they would not have gone to trial. This is about his women lawyer and speaking engagements and about her betrayal of women really.
(invited male)

“betrayal of women”


Yeah, why did they got to trial since they admitted that everything was fine the day after the alleged incident. Could it be that some lawyer convinced them that there’s money potentially there since he’s a popular radio host.

If you look at the court proceedings, you’ll see that both women were lying about the accusations, and that they collaborated together to ruin Jian as a form of revenge and vindictiveness.

the bigger issue is that the CBC did nothing about their corporate culture. and people wonder why victims do not come forward…
Inside North Bay’s struggle to change how they handle sexual assault cases: The police service knew it had a problem – and wanted to fix it. But with limited resources, an audit of its policy and procedures wasn’t possible. The situation is emblematic of the struggles small, cash-strapped police forces across the country are facing
Inside North Bay’s struggle to change how they handle sexual assault cases
Inside North Bay's struggle to change how they handle sexual assault cases

The Dark side of the Bodice Ripper: The Romance of Rape

Understanding Rape Culture 101


Queer Community: ChairWomen Time

Hard Truth for Heterosexual Men: Crime and Terror

Dear Men – Hard truth #2

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