Panic Attack Talk Down

being out of control is being very much in the now

action reaction spontaneous impulse thought consider decision action

it is partly about breathing

which is lungs and heart

pulsing pounding drawing sucking expelling

it is the encircles emotions and circulation

speed intensity throb and thrumb

hot thin adrenal red or cold brown syrupy sludge

incensed sight bleared focus sounds slashing and clawing

stimulation – external – then leave the situation. just leave.

stimulation – internal – words and feelings…. stop the words


just feel, just breath… just listen to the breathing and

fold the words into an emotional scream no no no

stop the words, focus on the breathing – the blue and clear,

white and greys, gasps and puffs, in and out

close your eyes and remove extraneous data

breath in and out

reduce physical strain, if you stand, sit, if that, lie down, then curl up

breath in and out

it is a moment

in and out

moments are fleeting

in and out

moments pass

in and out

pass faster than

in and out

you can thinksay moment

in and out

it is passed

in and out

fear is gone

in and out

you remain


you remain

and out


in and out

(a beat)


heartbeats calm

exhaustion, exasperation, exhalation

Nina and Dune Octobernina-gagged-on-stress

Talking Yourself out of a Panic Attack

Coping with Panic Attacks and really, any degree of anxiety attacks or constant level of anxiety – or all three at the same time is….. well. it’s really comes down to a pass or fail and let’s face it. most of us fail at it most of the time. so. here is what I have […]


Nina and Dune 3Forbidden Love

Anatomy of a Panic Attack

I drew this in the early part of this year to help me understand the sequence of events that pre-ceed and then occuring during a panic attack. the bumps represent incidents – more often simply statements from other people that are upsetting – and the number, frequency, intensity and the rapidity of the sequence all […]

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Living with social anxiety and panic disorder

Dearest Readers   Being an agoraphobic with social anxiety and panic disorders still has it’s social challenges. While there is certainly more control of online relationships – it’s very easy to block people you have no reason to deal with on Facebook after all. You will still from time to time come into contact with […]

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Suburban Dwellers Anxiety

There has been constant vibration and machine noise from mid morning to mid afternoon – 4 city trucks have torn up a bit of the road to access the pipe main for replacement. I am unsure if this is the … Continue reading


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Pop-Flicks: Techno-Anxiety Movies

From Techno-Houses creating I’M ALIVE! Offspring with the woman of the house – to replacing said woman with a robotic submissive version, to one’s male offspring starting global thermal nuclear warfare…. Man vs Machine! Machine and Nature VS Man! Poor … Continue reading

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Humans and the variations thereof we anxiety over

Paul the Alien hitches a ride with British Geeks so he could get home. Do not confuse for a children’s movie, this ain’t no G Rate ET.     Big City Policy Wonk Officer re-assigned to Smallburg, uncovered the dark … Continue reading

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Calming Your Breathing – controlling panic, anxiety and emotions

If you have never been on the ocean or out on the waters – you might not realize how hard it can be to breath. There were places on the ship’s deck where you just had to hold your breath, … Continue reading

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Raw Recovery: Coping with Anxiety Triggers

Okay. so doing the post about Vancouver and the regional transportation system, stirred up a lot of negative emotions. But I knew and expected that. When I tabbed to Facebook, one of my fave pages – started an info series … Continue reading


agoraphobic philosopher happy childhoodNina and Lenny Bruce

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