Pride and Then Pride

The 1970s were then, and this is now

Harvey Milk Day

RIP Pride Flag Designer

Gay Boomer feels scorned by marginalized Millennials
Gay Boomer feels scorned by marginalized Millennials
Gay Boomer feels scorned by marginalized Millennials
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    Dear Boomers, the Millennials are the same generation size as you, signed: Gen X
    there are a lot more flags now in the lgbtq community


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    Gratitude, thank you for sharing and reminding me that this is important.

A socially changed society


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    plus a way for Ukraine to show that they are not Russia
LGBTQ Pride crosswalk in Lethbridge vandalized; third such incident in Alberta this month
Philadelphia shouldn’t have added black and brown stripes to the rainbow
If You Hate the New Pride Flag, You're the Problem

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I’m not the problem. I’m someone who understands race isn’t an orientation or a gender identity. LGBT means something!
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    LGBTQ is inclusive of all the demographics. as a community that has caused social change, we need to accept it internally and this is more about generational changes
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    The whole point is gay, lesbian, bi, trans, etc… doesn’t pick people by race. It is dumb to put race or skin tone on the flag. I am definitely not the only one who feels this way about it, and I’m pretty pissed off at “you’re part of the problem”. No, the problem are people who have to stamp race on to EVERYTHING. In the LGBT community, race has no importance – nobody is separated by race. …and this new flag undermines that.
    2 skin tones have been picked out as more important. The new flag does not represent the community.

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    +Tranime Girl people lead with their demographic of concern; Jim Jones used the rainbow to mean ethnicity before his Jonestown event – the queer pride flag colors were not meant that way, and originally the flag was 8 colours, including hot pink and teal, which was too expensive to print and were more meant as those chakra colour charts, mind body spirit. but, that was then and this is now, and we need to stop bickering internally, the Godbots are the problem, as always
    Image result for chakra colour charts

cultural associations become public thought, regardless of reality

Image result for chakra colour charts

Race isn’t an orientation

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    +Tranime Girl “race” is not a valid word to apply to people, there are no sub-species; genetics plays a role in ethnicity most obviously and orientation most probably – along with social experience
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     All the more reason not to add race to the flag
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    gay used to be something only decadent white people did.
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    Citation Needed
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    +Tranime Girl how old are you?
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    Nice citation

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    +Tranime Girl you are unfamiliar with conversation and unable to be literate/literary. learn to read tone
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    You don’t seem to be literate enough to read “Citation Needed”. shrug
    Couldn’t answer, deflected by asking my age. It’s not like I haven’t seen that before

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    +Tranime Girl like you not recognizing or understanding the phrase, it’s not a contest and it’s not a high school debate. that’s why I asked your age, trying to convey experience and just getting attitude.
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    +Nina Tryggvason Attitude because I’ve gotten sick of every tiny thing being “white supremacy”. I lost it when Skittles giving up their rainbow for pride month because “white supremacy”.
    I got real pissed when the Orlando shooting vigil was taken over to bitch about white people.
    I’ve had enough

  • Fed up enough that I released a video about it!

    White Supremacy Skittles?
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    +Tranime Girl that was not what skittles did, they didn’t rainbow so pride could.
  • white supremacist paranoia, thanks for making it embarrassing to be white.
  •  I do not want to continue this conversation, and I am not sure that this is the group for you either. you should go think about that.
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    Oh please. I’m not the one who shouted that Skittles made white candy because white supremacy. Watch the video, see what I actually said. If you think not agreeing with the “everything is racist” bullshit makes it “embarrassing to be white”, I can’t help you

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    Tossing out an LGBT because I don’t agree everything on the planet is racism? FFS. No wonder people are frustrated with the LGBT community.

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    l I did not block you, I told you to think about if you could be a member here, and so far you are hostile to other people.
  • you are not a victim, you are a rude guest who is doing a pissing contest with the moderator, who has asked you to stop, but you keep victiming.
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     White skittles aren’t racist. Sorry if that offends you
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    +Tranime Girl utterly missing the point and being a cunt does get you blocked.


Skittles omitted their corporate rainbow, to not compete with ours;  and for our market share
Dear People, the package has no color with black printing

We need to stop the in-fighting, and it’s because the idea of a multi-generational queer community is very new, from last century

so, here is the thing about rights:
there is a line for them, not a line at which they end
so they only mean something, when more demographics are included in having them
being able to assert for themselves, not spoken to or for, but with
representation and inclusion, acceptance not mere tolerance
recognized as existing, and getting to



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