The Guildford Mall Cathedral

Today my Mom and I went for an exercise walk at Guildford Mall.

It struck me as more tiled and columned and shiney than I recalled. more Cathedral than Mall.

We got there before the stores were opened, did a recycling errand, and got most of the way around the mall – where we sat down and waited for the Nespresso Client Service kiosk to open.

It closed up like a box, and we watched the lone staffer open it, and slide the panels from a solid cube into a service counter for member beverages and sale pitches before non-members get a sample – and an open service counter for machine and coffee point of sale.

There was a lot of open spaces and echo from the hard solid walls.

Continuing on the walk, we got most of the rest of the way around the mall and then there as the cinnamon bun and twists beside a new Music/Movie and related toy products shop where the HMV was before.

Agoraphobic Philosopher


Sour Taste Can Detect Water

Sour-sensing taste pathway also mediates water detection in mammalian tongue.

The research is in Nature Neuroscience. (full access paywall)

Sour Taste Can Detect Water
Sour Taste Can Detect Water


May 31, 1977

In the U.K., the Sex Pistols single “God Save the Queen” was banned by the BBC and the Independent Broadcasting Authority. Shops and pressing plant workers refused to handle the record, partly owing to the cover of Queen Elizabeth with a safety pin in her lip, but it still managed to reach #2 on the UK chart.

The No. 2 hit on iTunes U.K. charts is a song calling British Prime Minister Theresa May “a liar.”
New song calling Britain’s Theresa May ‘a liar’ is climbing the charts — and it isn’t even on the radio | Toronto Star

why are women still living in Texas?

Dear Heterosexual Women

Maybe you should not have thrown the Lesbians under the rights bus after you got Roe v Wade and broke sisterhood, eh?

Trump administration moves to return Russian compounds in Maryland and New York
BUSTED: Jeff Sessions had third undisclosed meeting with Russian ambassador



shouldn’t this be better contained

and that radiation be converted to lower energy forms

and be a perpetual power source without wrecking more environment?

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