Aborted Outing & Resolution

I took my Mom to the 104th Superstore for their sale and they have updated the store.

there is now a security fence, creating a second lobby and a bottleneck for entrance.

My Mom is used to being dropped off – hunting and gathering her own ritual and recreation, so I told her I’d linger at the magazine rack.

Most of the magazines are now colouring books for adults, there was even a Jane Austen one.

The drawings overly complex, like those 1970s stoner posters – and why anyone would buy a book a line drawings when one can print off of the internet.

or learn to draw, not just fill in spaces with tones and shades, primarily

Anyway, I noticed 2 official Elvis magazines, 2 The Beatles magazines and 2 Star Trek original series.. nostalgia of the 60s now includes the 50s…

I did laps around the aisle, so I didn’t have to make eye contact with anyone.

Mom appeared and told me that she wasn’t going to shop, the place was only partly ready for the sales and the in store scanners were not working and just chaos.

She told the Security Guard at the door- seriously, it felt almost like Costco.

But what was he gonna do? he suggested telling the customer service counter woman. but, what was she gonna do?

Dear Retailers: about 90% of thefts are your staff so pay them better and treat them decent and don’t harass the customers. 

So, we left the store.

In the parking lot, I offered help to a tiny elderly man lifting a sack of rice that he was not much heavier than. He smiled and declined and three even smaller women fluttered around him.

Down the road, we made a second stop for bananas and I also picked up 10 bags of Kale chips, they were on sale for a dollar a bag from almost 9.

Buying yuppies food neurotic snacks outside of trendy neighbourshoods, priceless. 

In this parking lot, my Mom chatted with the woman having car door issues parked beside us. She joked about crawling in through the sun roof and my Mom got into the SUV giggling over that. Laughter as they say and strangers often best eh.

Back home, my Mom called the store and spoke to the manager.

He was unaware of some of the issue of very inefficient and sloppy work being done in the store – but aware of the technical issues and there was an acknowledge lack of staff on shift for whatever reasons.

As I had said to the security guard, staff loyalty increases with compensation.

He assured my Mom that she’d be rainchecked, so we’ll see how this plays out on Wednesday – ish later this week.

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