2 Stop Shop Today

A short and efficient outing to Chain Grocery Store then Chain Drug Store; and home again.

I did a moderate walking exercise at the Grocery Store and watched a store staffer restock magazines.

People re-learning that reading is relaxing because it’s reflected light, from the page to your eye, rather than screen light into them.

Also, no distracting visuals adverts that eat through your data plan.

The new internet, all the same old crap, in higher resolution and three times faster.

At the Chain Drug Store, I browsed the Audio-Visual and Computer Department.

Glancing through the CDs, DVDS and Blu rays in the out front discount bins and the 12 inch Vinyl in 180 grams on the prestige shelving; I made my way unbothered by staff into the computer department.


I glanced at the thin client consumer gadgets, the vast array of add on products that used to be included in the original machines, from exploded drawings to products that are modular and expandable; a plethora of customizing your off the shelf product.


Anyway, it was an easy square loop of blocks and backing into driveway remains a challenge.

Yesterday, I had a telephone call from the Federal Human Rights and I had to manage a panic/anxiety attack.

so yay me today.

nina tryggvason

Raw Recovery Specialist


February 21, 2017

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