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now, there are three webtoons that I like to check every day, after my three fave Elvis Presley fansites, and there are three main news sources that I check on and from there I do something posty on The Blog.

Yesterday, the news about the second Viking settlement was very exciting because these are locations that my ancestors lived in – and I do not mean my Demographic Group Ancestors, I am referring to my actual DNA Family tree – the part on my Paternal Side. I am not related to Erik the Red – but when I was a child in the 1970s, we lived for a short time beside a family with 2 girls who did. So in a sense, we got over the differences.

_89028687_canadapointrosee6240316Family Sagas Gudrid is my ancestor. Our family sagas reconnected in the late 1970s. Some Erik descendants moved into the house beside ours. So we got along in this generation line LOL

I cannot wait to see what is dug up and have that visual and visceral ancestor connection in a way that very few people in this world feels.

Now, today’s news…

Religion was over with the advent of “Multi-Faith” we’re all various cultural rituals to the same SuperBeing. Whether said being appears as One or as many faceted as the god appeals and appears to each person in their time and social contruct context.

From Animal Spiritism/LSD to Pantheon Governanced in Hashish and incense and fumes meditional belly watching breathing self absorbed spirituality: Preying on the Poor, Preying on the Poor, Pass the Plate Rejoicing, Preying on the Poor.

How many cultures and generations has the Catholic Church had for Money for nothing and Altar Boys for free?

Gretta Vosper, an atheist who has published a book about how to live without god should be working in the counter-apologetic and helping people transition out of religion and deprogram them to understand how to live life for the one that they know that they have.

Life is not a dress rehearsal. 

The United Church in Canada was the first to offer weddings to same gender couples and I assume they also were the first to socially include couples including a transgender person.

They were the first church to utterly downplay the Jesus Character and focus on inclusive community and they were one of the group of churchs, mostly Catholic and also Anglican – so many versions of the “one true” eh? I do NOT understand how people maintain their cognitive dissonance.

Sure, we have yet to make a toaster that won’t burn the toast, in fact, we’re burning images into our toast because we are in need of constant childish indulgance to make us feel better or deserving or pretty or whatever and can’t just let a thing be what it is, in the moment of it.

but the only invisible power that works is WiFi because Edison was a jerk and sabotaged Tesla.

There are many clerical people who become atheists, even as they make their living from their church and offering of ritual services.

Their desperation to continue to belong in a place they have outgrown and are counter to the central concept and shows exactly how hollow an experience church is.

It is very scary to lose one’s employment. Religion is the one employer where being a believer is a reasonable expectation; but the bigger question is, why is there religion at all anymore?

it is becoming rarer and every night tv evening news, religion shows itself to be what it is

a mental illness that makes people intolerance and unable to work and play well with others.



Review of atheist Toronto minister ‘difficult’ but necessary, United

MetroNews CanadaApr 1, 2016
David Allen, executive secretary of the Toronto conference, said an unprecedented review of Gretta Vosper’s fitness as minister is difficult to …
Story image for Gretta Vosper from Toronto Star

United Church dismisses appeal by atheist minister to halt review

Toronto StarMar 31, 2016
… dismissed an appeal by Gretta Vosper to halt the planned review. … the committee said the ruling initiating the hearing of Vosper’s fitness to …

Story image for Gretta Vosper from CBC.ca

Can an atheist be a United Church minister?

CBC.caMar 25, 2016
Does Gretta Vosper have the right qualifications to be a minister? She’s articulate. She speaks passionately about civic engagement and …
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