Bipetual Pet Pilling

In my experience, trying to give a pill to a cat – is challenging at best and bleeding at worst.

Avoid pilling your cat by keeping it an indoors cat – and the easiest way to keep your cat happy indoors is by giving them regular servings of catnip.

Leopard Spot – Wow Man

Cats on Nip

You see – cats – many of the big cats – like to get stoned and it stimulates their brain chemistry – so being stoned for cats – that makes them more docile and willing to be home bodies – because there’s just not that much that can compare in the outside world – to the world inside your own mind – and cats are very smart.

Cats that stay indoors tend to not get injured or infected as outdoor cats – plus you avoid the horror of coming or going out yourself and seeing your cat by the side of the road and having to figure out – what to tell the kids or yourself – and then have to bury them.

Additionally, your cat is not out in the neighborhood needlessly killing and/or eating  birds or mice or rats – that might have been poisoned by someone else in your hood.

As long as your cat has toys, a private cat condo, windows, a regular feeding schedule – and the most critical thing – cat nip – they are content to be indoors.

How to actually pill the cat

Without bleeding – that is a key aspect to this alternative.

To pill your cat, you need a few basic supplies:

1. the pill

2. tablespoon and teaspoon (cutlery versions, not measuring spoons)

3. tube of malted hairball gooey stuff.

Put the pill in the bowl of the tablespoon.

Put the teaspoon on top and press down so the spoons are spooning.

The pill will crack, so press down a few times to grind it into a powder.

Scrape the backside of the teaspoon into the bowl of the tablespoon to make sure you have all the medicine.

Squeeze a blob of the malted hairball goo into the tablespoon and used the teaspoon to work the power into the goo.

Scrape the pill goo into the tablespoon and go find the cat.

Do not alarm the cat – let the cat think you just want to pet it. Once the cat relaxes, scopp the goo off your spoon with a finger then rub it down the cat’s side.

Make sure you get a thinner coating – big blobs can and will be shaken off.

The cat will run away a few steps and then sit or lay down to groom – eating the meds and having a nice hairball treatment at the same time.

how to pill a dog.

Dogs are simple creatures – not as complicated as cats and are much more willing to please.

To pill a dog – all you have to do is put the pill in  cube of food – meat or cheese – and the dog will eat it.

Most dogs are not discrimating eaters – they love to eat out of cat litter boxes or anything with a familiar odor when when – and evolutionarily speaking it’s an advantage to consume foodstuff that’s been digested once or particially – it’s why predators eat the abdominal cavity and the intestines of their kills – to get at the easiest nutrition – food already broken down – so if dogs do not hunt – their only option is to eat their own poo.

Becasue no matter how nutritionally dense commercially prepared pet food it – it is so full of filler product that animals who do not normally eat grains – that’s all just sugar to cats and dog – carbs are sugars – so

when you understand how to read a food nutrition label – it means nothing unless you also understand nutrition and the digestive system – what it does to all the componants.

So knowing that a food has 50 carbs a serving and it says only 20 carbs of sugar

well – that just means that 20 of the 50 carbs are from table sugar – the simple and worst for you sugar – and that the other 30 carbs are complex sugars – the starches.

But once in your body – the simple and complex sugars are digested – and that means that all sugars are broken down into simple sugars.

The only offset or mitigating factor to carb/sugar is fiber.

So if the label says 50 grams of Carbs and 3 grams of fiber – that means that the serving with 50 carbs only counts as 47 sugars.

You will need to know this information – if or when – you become diabetic.

So if you learn to read and understand nutrition and what digestion does – or you just learn the formula:

# Total Carb minus Fiber = meaningful carb count.

But that’s a different blog – sorry, I have a hard time staying on topic.

How to Most Easily Pill a Dog

Some Dogs can be picky eaters – if there is a texture or flavor in the mix – they can spit things out – but their mouths and tongues are really not firm enough to stort – so they rely on science for an assist to not swallow things that do no appeal to them.

Like medicine smelling and foul tasting pills.

So inserting the pill into a cube of food – even meat – doesn’t work all the time. Just most of the time.

It’s because the pill is of a lower density than the material around it – thus, all the dog has to do is chew and let the heavy parts go down and the light parts be spit out.

So to prevent this – I realized the solution is a wholly Canadian.

Put a cube of hard cheese in the mirowave for about 5 to 10 seconds – to let the cheese get melted a little bit – to lighten the density.

Push the pills into the cheesey goo and let it cool to fingertip touch.

Compress the cheese back into a gluey ball with the pills absorbing the oil of the cheese and let the cheese form a firmer ball around the pills.

Let your dog sniff the cheese ball – and if you’ve ever been at a Canadian House Party – you know that nothing is as desirable as a cheese ball.

You will not have to worry about soggy pills on the floor or medications missed.

I am Canadian

I know dogs and cats

I know cheese

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