Expressing Disgust: Subjective or Objective

How disgusting.

Maharlika, a restaurant in Manhattan, New York is selling what seems to be the strangest food one can possibly eat in the Bi…
  •  not seeing a difference between this and the adult duck…
  •  i am a Filipino and this is not “disgusting” in my country. we eat this like you eat eggs and ducks. please do not be ethnocentric and understand that different cultures have different practices.
  •  it’s still disgusting
  • food norms vary and being grossed out is not about ethnicity. I am a vegetarian. a lot of cultures eat bugs n grubs too. our disgust mechanism is connected to what our social norms are.
  •  Very true.
  • your offense at our disgust is actually pretty meaningless and all it says is that you can’t manage your own emotions.
    why do you care if other people don’t enjoy this? viva la difference.
  •  I’m a vegetarian too, but I still eat eggs. I just can’t imagine boiling unborn baby birds to death. That’s so cruel.
  •  oysters are eaten alive
    unfertilized eggs are not an issue… unless .. battery hens….
  •   We do not eat fetus in this country. How about we take an inborn child from your family chei and feed to to our dogs ?
  •   foi gras is extremely cruel – veal is baby cow… lamb is baby sheep

 I once had a what’s the weirdest thing you;ve eaten, My sea cucumber entry lost to deep fried chicken anus – 5 to a skewer

I am more concerned about one nation’s peasant foods become the new superfood for yuppies elsewhere and making foods unavailable and too expensive
I am more concerned about so called fair trade deals made in the 1970s that never accounted for market values…..
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