Women’s Bodies


The Sports Illustrated is featuring what is called a “full size” model, but she looks like a normal size human scale person, unlike the women models who average 30% under the average.

Presenting undersized as normal and desirable is unhealthy and celebrities need to stop speaking outside of their expertise or using the dubious snake oil crowd as justification.

Dr Oz is not an expert in anything but Dr Oz, Cheryl Tiegs.

Cheryl Tiegs blasts Sports Illustrated for ‘full-figured’ Ashley Graham on swimsuit cover


Anorexic women do not suggest fertility or health, and likely are not even menstruating.

The entire idea of modeling as an industry has long been a distortion and cause of eating disorders and low self esteem in the general public and this focus on outward appearances rather than realistic reality shows how disconnected the world of fashion is from people.


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