Male Feminist vs Lesbian: Burka Battle

In a notice to local retailers and produces Monday, Morocco banned the production, sale, and import of burqas, citing security concerns.
In a notice to local retailers and produces Monday, Morocco banned the production, sale, and import of burqas, citing security concerns.
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Nina vs Some Guy

because religion is not compatible with secular rights

“‘[The ban is an] arbitrary decision that is an indirect violation of women’s freedom of expression and wearing what reflects their identities or their religious, political or social beliefs,’ the Northern Moroccan National Observatory for Human Development said in a statement, according to the BBC.”

A woman’s personal desire to dress in a more conservative manner is what’s at stake here, hateful idiots won’t see that, they’ll blame religion. You can Google the atheist regimes under which millions have been murdered. Women prancing around like living sex objects, that’s okay with them… of course where there’s greater prostitution and demand for no strings attached sex will there be hate for conservative dress.

women being forced by men are not making a choice.
No, really? Speaking for women you think are oppressed instead of to them propagates negative stereotypes and downplays their daily worries and efforts as women—mothers, sisters, daughters and, yes, wives—promoting a sense of oppression that isn’t. Why don’t you ask them yourself instead of making posts that are clearly based on ignorance.

do you really think a male is qualified to school a lesbian on feminism? really?

especially when you are arguing for her “right” to be oppressed at best and what suits men at least. Like the men who debate for women’s “right” to express herself pornigraphically?

I am speaking as a woman and you the man are telling me what my opinion should be limited to. Does that sound like you have any idea of what feminism is?
your idea of feminism does no favor for Muslim women.

hmm. avoiding and deflecting, projecting and not owning. Clue: assigning dialog to me is not being a male feminist or any sort of conversationalist. attacking me as racist and continuing to assert that you know better than woman for women is just digging yourself in deeper dude. Your BS is showing.
All I have said is that you as a man, are not a better feminist than a woman. feminism is not at the permission or definition of maledom. No one, with actual informed choice, picks oppression.

you’re bullshit. You’re assigning shit titles to me I never claim and claiming feminism while speaking for others rather than speaking to those you’re speaking for. Ever have a heart to heart with a practicing Muslim woman?

you are arguing for oppression of the demographic, you are not qualified to speak to women’s issues.
good that you don’t think you’re a feminist, you are just another male oppressor; including  trying to assign my position to me. I’d say it’s an irony metre, but it’s just typical creepy ineffectual male behaviour.

Rights are for the Right Sorts of Humans

Understanding Conservative Speak

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