Agoraphobia and Crowd Coping

My Mom and I decided to Skytrain to Vancouver.

The Compass system requires too many screen touches and the menu system is a colour coded text nightmare.

At least it means they have to employ people to help people work them.

The entire matter of disabled people having to call Translink for help assistance for physical access is already controversial – but having to deal with Religious People as another hurdle….that is one the to do call list.


anyway – getting to Vancouver was easy, going early and enjoying dinner at Fatburger.

My Mom has a cane, so getting around the Stadium station was challenging and we opted to not bother with the International Village owing to the stairs.

We wandered towards the stadium, but it was way too early to line up.

We took the Costco elevator done and despite not actually having a membership card – we strolled in had a look around.

My Mom used one of their warehouse industrial shopping carts as a walker. We strolled the perimeter, had some food samples, looked that the books by the pound and the small Movie selection.

Then, we headed to the Stadium for the show. Canadians and lining up.

Afterwards, we planned to Skytrain to waterfront and turn around out to Surrey.

The station was mobbed with a 2 way line up – transit police blocking the street to avoid the The Crowd vs car traffic.

apparently the station was divided between compass card holders and pass buyers and we were in the wrong line.

Not changing and simply lifting the divider ribbon connected to the posts to switch over.

Another woman followed me and Mom into the other line.


We got the train to waterfront and another pair of concert goers said why not just jumpswitch at granville instead of end of the line.

Given that I have motion sickness, I was keen for that.

we headed down into the depths of the Granville station.

Train… the Millenial Line…

Train.. empty and not stopping, but paused on the track to tease us that it was heading to Stadium for the Dolly crowd.

the next one was Surrey train.

My Mom got the handicap flip down seat sideways and I got the sideways seat.

The women in the first forward facing seat had gone to waterfront, so we ended up on the same train anyway.

We rehashed the concert and they showed us what bits they filmed on their phone gadget.

most of the ride is a nauseated blur, sideways and facing backwards to motion

picked up at the station, the short drive home

I managed to get to the bathroom and vomited

then to bed and laying very very still




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Religious advertising on transit property – British Columbia Humanist …

Mar 14, 2013 – Religious advertising on transit propertyreligious groups, including the Jehovah’s witnesses, from advertising on public property, provided:.


Section 5 also provides that religious advertising which promotes a specific meeting, … While somepublic or governmental property such as government offices will … the advertising policies of two transit authorities, TransLink and BC Transit, …

Municipal Powers over Activities on Sidewalks and in Public Places …

Apr 12, 2011 – Here, the issue involved expression on public property. …. Religious and Political Activity in Public Places, Streets and Transit Facilities …. (3d) 364, the British Columbia Supreme Court dealt with the safety rules of the Greater …

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