Console Gaming from Pong to Playstation

I actually played the pong game before I had an Atari 2600 and an Atari 7800. Nintendo too.

Raw Recovery Specialist on Video Games
Lived through the 1980s Dungeons n Dragons and Video Game Scare not to mention rock n roll back masking of reverse sounds and subliminal messaging in rock/pop music that never stopped from the Rock N Roll and Comics scares of the 1950s and 1940s,
Violence: Visceral vs Video Games
Video games did in fact become military training tools, so there was some validity of what impact games had
but training to do what is on-screen is different than blowing off steam in a safe context.
PlayStation 4 Pro
now, I have one of these, Playstation 4, virtual reality, 2 way internet so the machine can go online while I play with the machine.

Day three


I think I have aged out of games.

I like to play off the disc, by myself.

I do not play online.

I do not need my console to do any social media posting for me.

I do not need my console to let me do to posted commentary on games or movies.

I am a bit disturbed by a console that listens to voice commands.

Data that is collectable is logged by someone somewhere

Privacy is our most precious right, even when we are only doing what is legitimate legal personal business, because it is not anyone else’s and not any government’s either.


The internet 1.0 was people posting content and internet 2.0 is people as content

all the people we originally went on line to get away from, eh.



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