A Word about Words

Today is Saturday, August 29, 2015 CE…current era or common era.. I think it’s common era now.

Words that Dance, Words that Sing

Words that Heal, Words that Sting

Today a stranger to me, on another blog, called me a Pedophile.

It was a bit of a shocker to start my online day with barely a sip of coffee, it’s a several months old post so partly I was surprised that it was being …. what’s the forum expression – BUMPED – so to speak, but mostly I am really sad at how hysterical that males gets when they don’t get to be the default given victim in the conversation.

Why are there still heterosexual women?

I have always found it curious the percentage of discussion about childhood sexual abuse is almost entirely about men who molest boys, rather than men who molest girls and with very little of women who molest boys (because the boys get deemed lucky) and nothing a all about women who molest girls.

With the exception in the Teaching Profession – any man who is caught with a female student (and it’s generally the latest one of a type in a pattern of years) is deemed a bad man and the girls are victims – any woman who is caught with a male (and it is generally one and she is more invested in a relationship) depending on her Blondness Hotness Rating –  she’s out of a job and he’s lucky


when it is a male or female teacher with a same gender student – the hunt is on to purge the profession of the perverts

I even recall a news item about a man who was caught with a dog asserting that because it was a female dog, he wasn’t a pervert.

Elvis Presley on wellness

“well…well well well….weeeeellllll”‘ *SCREAMS*

“Honey, I got 5 songs that start that way.” Elvis Presley

Ah well, I am also in an interesting discussion with a blogger that I came across who posted an item about the violence against women embedded in our culture – using Elvis Movies and a Beatles Song.

The Beatles, as people might remember, also inspired Charles Manson – Helter Skelter

so I need more coffee and we’ll see what happens, eh?

Our parents generation was perfectly fine with domestic violence, why can’t we be?

anyways, words… words have meaning and impact

and there are many words that people say one shouldn’t say

and the clue is ones that carry other nuances like “libel” and “slander”

because the words carry such an accusation

I remember .. I htink it was 2007 maybe 2009 .. 2 teenaged girls in Calgary Alberta accused a young male teacher of molesting them.

The police investigation opened and the Teacher killed himself.

the comments on the canada newspaper site began to condemn him.

I said “That’s why he killed himself. A guilty man would have felt entitled and defended himself – an innocent person knows how much their career and life is going to be tainted by that.”

the comments stopped on their own

sometimes it takes a moderator and sometimes

it’s the coldest hardest truth, eh?

remember that teacher in Scotland? when his victims – boys and girls – came forward – he took guns to the school – late 1990s – America invented the Disguntled Lone Gunman – a that Texas University and for a long time, it was an American thing

The Montreal Engineering Women students in Canada was the first real export and last year, Canada had a lone guneman attack on our nation’s capitol

Australia had that one in the tourist town and they set up gun laws and now they have religious zealosts

then the disgruntled singles became part of the world’s expectation of terrorism

and I realize how much of the world lives in that one

and how all these years.. Canada is no longer a villiage country and you know

being a main player on the world stage isn’t worth this war weary stress

this is Canada, we like to get along with people

I like to think of us as hope for the world, to show there is a place

where people can and do work and play well instead of resolving differences with violence

dear therapists: kindly remember that if the western culture had learned about the bonobos before the chimpanzees, we would have developed an entirely different idea about what humans were like, eh?



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