T-t-t-talking about c-com-comunitication

Strong local dialects with their own rich vocabularies remain well within living memory. After all, the modern English we know today is very much the… historyextra.com
In an age of mass communication, of 24-hour news and social media, it can seem that medieval Europe was less communicative, and parochial in…
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My Communications Problem was solved by Star Trek

So – regular readers of my blog know some stuff about me – as a person – not as a blogger. I am a white, middle class Canadian who is also a lesbian. I have also said that I am … Continue reading

Communication Problem solved by Physics

In communication theory – we contemplate two kinds of conversation: zero sum vs interest based Zero sum is 1 winner and 1 loser expressed as a score of  1 vs 0 and the problem that I see in the world … Continue reading

Elvis’ Last Recorded Conversation

Transcript of telephone conversation between Red West and Elvis [IMGl]http://www.tcb-files.com/articles/541dd489d96d5c.jpg[/IMGl]”This is red west, you are about to hear a telephone conversation between Elvis presley and myself that I recorded sometime in october 1976 while I was in los angeles writing … Continue reading

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