Traffic of Highways and Byways

I took the new Port Mann bridge to Coquitlam, and snow blindness is not cute.

Bright fricken Sun reflecting off banks of snow topped by ice chunks.

I enjoyed a most excellent Burger at Jimmy’s Cafe on North Road. It took 4 napkins!

Maybe it’s on the Burnaby side. it’s a road shared by Burnaby and Coquitlam, so the blocks do not match for numbers.

Jimmys Place Restaurant: Breakfast in Coquitlam | Foodology


Then, to downtown New Westminster to one of my fave stores:


Galloway’s Fine Food Specialties – Home

Do you remember the neighbourhood natural food store of your childhood? Where the staff recognized you, special orders were never a problem, and the food …

Galloway’s Fine Food Specialties – Products

Galloway’s Fine Food Specialties has, for many years, been in the business of supplying Lower Mainland residents with unique ethnic and organic food items.


So, in an attempt to create a new personal best, I also have an outing for tomorrow in the planning stages.

this was an Agoraphobic Outing, January 11, 2017.



raw recovery specialist

This news story caused me to have to explain Golden Shower to my Mother.

Imagine the talks people will have to have with their children.

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